The Supra Has More Horsepower Than Toyota Claims

2020 Toyota Supra
Image from Toyota

Not All Lies are Bad

Toyota lied to you. Yes, the company that you’ve come to know and trust for its honest vehicles, good pricing, and steadfast longevity has been proven to be a liar. However, the company lied in the best way possible. The Supra actually makes more horsepower than the company officially states. According to a recent dyno test performed by Car and Driver with a stock Supra, the 335 hp figure that Toyota stated is incorrect. 

The car actually made 339 hp on the dyno. That might not seem like that much of an increase, but Toyota’s rating of 335 hp is to the crank, not the wheels. That means you can assume some loss of power as it travels through the drivetrain. Carscoops notes that even if that loss only at 10 percent, that would mean the Supra’s engine makes something like 380 hp at the crank. Oh Toyota, you fibber, you. Thank you. 

Additionally, the torque numbers were starkly different. Car and Driver noted 427 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. The official number from Toyota is 364 lb-ft of torque. Car and Driver did note that the torque increase could be inflated due to the way the torque converter locks up. However, it still definitely makes more power than Toyota claims.

We kind of like to think Toyota did this on purpose. This will help with Supra lore. It will help the car’s sales now and as it ages. It will be known as an underrated car in terms of power and that will only bolster its status in the eyes of enthusiasts. All we can say is we like that the Supra has more power.