The Toyota Supra TRD 3000GT Concept Will Appear at SEMA

Toyota GR supra 3000GT

The Teaser Images Look Promising

Toyota Racing Development is working on a new concept car for SEMA and it just teased it. The image above is of the Supra TRD 3000GT Concept. It’s a homage to the 1994 A80 Supra 3000GT. If you’re unaware of that car, it was a one-off concept car that helped define the A80 Supra as a tuner’s dream car. 

The modern concept seeks to do what the 1994 car did for the new Supra. TRD hasn’t revealed many details about the car, but the images included here show that the team has taken the Supra to all new heights. The car features iconic hood cut-outs, a large rear wing, and a wider overall body. The car is a true homage to the original as all of these features come from the 1994 car. 

As Evo Magazine notes, this concept car will likely not be a hint at a new TRD version of the Supra. Rather it will be a launch of TRD parts that people can add to their own Supra. The car is a fantastic model to be tuned. Already people are reporting getting excellent numbers from the BMW-sourced straight-six. It’ll be interesting to see all the details of this model when it comes out at SEMA. Until then, enjoy these teaser images.