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VIDEO: 1200HP Porsche 9ff GT3 GTurbo R Top Speed on the Autobahn

Can I say sh * t on this blog? Because HOLY SH * T … 1200 horsepower and a manual gearbox? 340 km / h? I need a second to take this all in ..

9ff knows how to tune Porsches better than anyone. They have some builds that top 1950+ horsepower ! This 9ff GTurbo R is based on the 911 GT3 (997 generation) with its 3.9 liter flat-six turbocharged engine. The original 911 GT3 that this build is based on produces around 409 horsepower, while this 9ff edition crams 1200 German ponies under the hood.

AutoTopNL puts out some great Youtube content (you should check them out if you haven’t yet). The description of this video says it all: ” We’re not interested in eco & green (unless it’s like, really superfast). Screaming exhausts, whining superchargers and blowing turbo’s is what we want to hear! “. These guys take this 9ff GTurbo R to the Autobahn for a hilariously irresponsible cannonball run, bringing this 1200 horsepower Porsche up to 340 km / h by the final pull. 

The most amazing thing about this build is the fact that this car is managed by a six-speed manual transmission in typical 9ff fashion . I’ve driven 400 horsepower cars with standard transmissions and that can be dicey in its own right. I couldn’t imagine the level of control you would need to manage 1200 horsepower with a standard transmission. Insane.

I loved this video, and I’m sure you guys will too. Please subscribe to the AutoTopNL channel for more supercar greatness; you don’t regret it.