Jan 1, 1970
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    The word of 69chevycorvette.<BR><BR>Thanks be to god<BR><BR><BR>Acura-another crummy useless rotten automobile<BR>Audi-another ugly duetsche invention<BR>BMW-barely moving wreck-broke my wallet<BR>Dodge-dead on day guarantee expires-dead or dying garbage emmiter<BR>Fiat-feeble ittalian attemt at transportation<BR>Ford-where to start?-ford only runs downhill-forward only reverse defective-first on recall day-first on road to dump-found on rednecks driveways-found on road dead-fix or recycle delimma-ford owners recomend dodge-I've got more but I'm gonna take it easy<BR>G.M.C-got mechanics crazy<BR>Honda-hang on not done accelerating<BR>Hyundai-how your usual nerd drives an import<BR>KIA-kills in accidents<BR>Mitsubishi-mostly in shop undergoing big investments sometimes halfway incomeplete<BR>Nissan-needless inovations,silly, stupid automotive nonsense<BR>Pinto-put in nikel to operate<BR>oldsmobile-old ladies driving slowly make others behind infuriatingly late every day<BR>Pontiac-poor old nitwit thinks it's a caddilac<BR>Toyota-torturous on your old tired ass<BR>VW-virtually worthless<BR>