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  1. Where to go? Where not to go?

    I have heard good things about Bar Mendeleev. Is it super hard to get in?
  2. Dunno, most of my nightlife there took place on the streets or in friend's apartments. My ex says I enjoyed karma bar, but I was too drunk to remember we even went there. Don't waste money on the airport taxis as they'll try to charge you 2000 rubles. Cab in advance would be around 1000-1200, depending on what part of town you're staying. Aeroexpress (train service) brings you to center of town for around 500. The public transport system is excellent, just avoid the rush hours.

    Do go to the museum of the great patriotic war. Make the walk from the square as well and check out the area around it as there are lot of related items to be found there. In Summer it's a nice area to just hang too if the weather's nice. And if often is: land climate.

    Red Square/Kremlin area isn't too exciting (I never even felt like visiting the mausoleum), not even for the cars. Most expensive cars are a bit futher away, at Новый Арбат. Actually for as far tourist attractions go, when the weather's clear, I did like to spend some minutes up in the Ostankinskaya Tower.

    For as far as car museums go, I only went to Avtovill' and I was impressed by their collection. I just had a look and see they still have this mindblowing 540K and Hispano-Suiza. I'll think of more in a bit.
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    Just stumbled upon this oldwarcar museum. Website looks like it's from 1995, which doesn't say much about when it was actually made (no idea).

    edit: and Kubinka tenk museum, a bit out of moscow
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    Thx for the advice.

    Of course Kubinka is a must, one of the main reasons I'm going to Moscow in the first place. Monino airfield I won't skip either, it's about the same distance from Moscow. So many crazy prototypes there. Like this Mil V-12 that has a mtow of 105 tons. Which is more than your average short-haul jet or about 5 times the mtow of a Chinook. Which is not a small helo.


    And the very cool and very expensive failed prototypes Myasischev m-50 or Sukhoi T-4



    That T-4 was seriously amazing. It was supposed to be at least as fast as the cancelled XB-70 Valkyrie. A smaller and shorter range aircraft. It was about half the weight of an XB-70 but with similar thrust (4x 157 kN!). Needless to say, range was a problem. It was mostly constructed of titanium which was rare at the time. It also made it very expensive because titanium processing techniques weren't as good as they are today. Brezhnev reportedly called it a "100-tons-of-gold"-plane and shitcanned the whole project.
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  5. I like that Mil V-12 alooot, that's on my list too now. Is that a DDR pic by the way? Just thinking that becaue of the Wartburg 353 Tourists on the runway. Oh also, seriously, the English-Russia blog has lots of great original tips most of the time. Just search for words like abandoned or war or something.
  6. Cyka Blyat
  7. Love that video.

    Oppan gopnik style.
  8. Speaking of russian video's. I seek a video of a russian guy dancing in front of some building on a stairway with 2 bottles of vodak, kvas or whatever in his hands with some pompous music.
  9. I think I've seen this too
  11. Yeah i found that one, but it's not the original :( the original is with music like wagner
  12. That it wouldn't be jump/hardstyle I understood, but I really thought the original would have more tracks like gopstyle. Like this.
  13. I would go to the tenk museum just to see the Maus

    Hitler was a mad man
  14. For the 500th year in a row, the award for "craziest white people on the planet" goes to russia

  15. found it
  16. is that track pants with boots
    jesus christ

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