0-1000m standing start

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  1. Wich car do you think would be the fastest ?

    Ferrari Enzo
    Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
    Maserati MC12
    Porsche Carrera GT
    Porsche 997 TT
    Ford GT
    Pagani Zonda F
    Mercedes SLR
    Lamborghini Diablo GT
    Corvette Z06 '2006
  2. Veyron
    962 LM
    F1 LM
    Zonda F
  3. The Murcielago would smoke them with higher horsepower & AWD.
  5. what the hell is the z06 doing up there and i voted enzo.
  6. my words exactly
  7. The Enzo is more powerful and much lighter than the Murcielago P400. The Zonda F and the CGT also have better power to weight ratios than the Murcielago as well. I don't know why there are so many people convinced that the Murci P400 could beat those cars in a 0-1000m standing start! In such a long acceleration test, even the fact that the Murci has 4WD isn't that much of an advantage.
  8. The AWD is a quite a disadvantage right after launch.
  9. Dauer 962 LM = 17.6 secs <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. no its not; it offers better traction off the line with a high powered car.
  11. Step 1: Read my post again.
    Step 2: Repeat Step 1 as needed.
  12. How is it a disadvantage?
  13. Which weighs more, a tradional RWD set-up, or a big fatty AWD system?
  14. Your mom.
  15. Harshed. Boris, you're not nice to me anymore <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>. I'm going to go cry now :'(.
  16. For the standing km, I know the Dauer 962LM has done 17.6s.

    The 750hp Saleen S7tt has done 17.4s (Road&track standing 1 mile test).

    The rest on the list are probably comfortably behind.
    Well, the Enzo, Zonda F, SLR and Murcie LP640 would probably be close.
  17. Yeah, the McLaren F1 has done 19.6 sec @177mph i belive, think those facts should be correct !

    i think the Enzo & Murcielago LP640 would be faster than that.
  18. Porsche 959

    Standing 1000 m = 21.6 sec
  19. Weight doesnt make a big difference at higher speeds.
  20. Sorry couldn't help it. My neighbour does that all the time to me.
  21. He was talking about "right after launch", not higher speeds.
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    Miura Jota as fast as the McLaren F1? i dont think so but it is nice ....

    Lamborghini type : 0 - 1000 m :

    Miura Jota 19.6 sec
    Diablo GT : 20.0 sec
    Diablo SV (1999) : 20.1 sec
    Diablo SE30 JOTA: 20.1 sec
    Diablo Millennium Roadster : 20.3 sec
    Diablo VT Roadster (1999) : 20.3 sec
    Diablo VT 6.0 : 20.5 sec
    Diablo SV (1995-1998): 20.5 sec
    Diablo VT (1999) : 20.5 sec
    Diablo SE30 : 20.6 sec
    Diablo (1990-1998) : 20.7 sec
    Diablo VT (1993-1998) : 20.7 sec
    Diablo VT Roadster (1995-1998) : 20.7 sec
    Gallardo : 22.5 sec
    LP500 Countach QuattroValvole : 23.5 sec
    Countach 25th Anniversary : 23.5 sec
    P400 Miura SV : 24.0 sec
    Silhouette : 24.1 sec
    P400 Miura S : 24.2 sec
    P400 Miura Roadster : 24.4 sec
    P400 Miura : 24.8 sec
    LP500 S Countach : 24.9 sec
    350 GT : 25.0 sec
    400 GT Jarama : 25.0 sec
    400 GTS Jarama : 25.0 sec
    LP400 Countach : 25.2 sec
    Islero S : 25.4 sec
    Islero : 25.8 sec
    P300 Urraco : 25.8 sec
    400 GT : 25.9 sec
    Espada Series I : 26.0 sec
    Espada Series II : 26.0 sec
    Espada Series III : 26.0 sec
    400 GT 2+2 : 26.4 sec
    LP400 S Countach : 26.7 sec
    P250 Urraco : 26.8 sec
    Jalpa P350 : 26.8 sec
    P200 Urraco : 28.2 sec
    LM 002 : 31.2 sec

  23. It does in acceleration. A Ruf CTR yellow bird does a 28.6@185mph in the standing mile but has only 470 bhp, a Ford GT has 550 bhp and can only do 29.9@ 171. This is also true with the Lamborghini Murcialgo of the same test 30.9@168mph. Wieght makes a difference but so does aerodynamics and power to wieght ratio.
  24. I just ruled them out one by one.

    Diablo GT - geared more for top speed, excelerates slower than a normal Diablo (Murcielago should Auto advance)

    Murcielago - pretty chunky but lots of power, but the Enzo is superior in power to weight ratio. + the standard Murc gets killed by the Zonda

    Zonda - loads of power, but I'd imagine the Enzo with its aerodynamic body and higher revving engine would edge it out

    Ford GT - Supercharged, will likely drown out in top end (less power than others to)

    Corvette - geared more for accel over top speed, but I can't see it beating an Enzo.

    911 - underpowered..more of a sports car rather than hypercar

    SLR - heavy, more of a luxury cruiser if anything

    MC12 - its got the power, but is just slower than the Enzo from what I have heard (top gear test track would say otherwise though)

    CGT - I don't think anyone doubts this cars speed, but if say it were racing an Enzo for the 1000m dash, it is underpowered and the Enzo is more aerodynamic

    Winner = Enzo, but some of them would probably be following close behind, or even nose to nose. But seriously, any car that electronically stiffens rear suspension every shift is just nuts
  25. The turbo s7.

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