0-100km/h, 0-200km/h and topspeed

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    If you think that a light car of 650hp with gross twinturbos, good gearbox and having very good aerodynamics the 0-100km/h should be about 3,4seconds the 0-200km/h should be about 10seconds and topspeed:+/-340km/h.Even a Gemballa with 650hp did the 0-200km/h at about 10,2seconds if you want more info and photos go to www.gamballa.com
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    ur juss predicting the times and numbers aernt u? cuz if u are i think u should learn the anout the car b4 postin
  3. ok my moped goes 0-30 \kmh in about 10 seconds and 0-50kmh in downhill.!!!!!!

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