0-100mph in 6.0 sec

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by EnzoRocket, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. This site says the f50 does 0-100 in 8 sec, but I heard elsewhere that it does it in 6 sec. Does anybody know? Cuz from 6 - 8 sec is a huge difference.
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    8 is a more realistic figure I think.

    a McLaren F1 can do it in 6.5 or something like that, and I don't see how an F50 could beat that.
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    On the road, the F50 is very stable, accurate in handling at any speed, and the huge tires and down force generated by the big rear spoiler enable high speed cornering stability. It runs faster than the F40 on race tracks, thanks to a better chassis, but slower at mid-range acceleration than the 425 ft-lb predecessor. Because the F50's engine is so highly tuned, it enables less room for improvement compare with the turbocharged F40. Ferrari used the F40 as their GT racer. But in real world, without modifications, the F50 is far faster than the F40.
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    I say 8.0 is more logical
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    I say 6, cause 160km/h isn't that fast,
    and a Suzuki GSXR1000 (bike) does 200km/h in 7 secs!
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    yeah 8 makes more sense
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    ? Now its 8?
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    0-160 Kph (0-100 mph) 7.9s: this is the F50's best ever (Car graphic, Japan).

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    I know the F50 does the 0-100 better than the McLaren. I'm pretty sure it's less than 6.5.
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    Are you people insane,"8 is more logical"wtf,it does 0-100mph in 6 seconds flat,all you f50 haters just live with it !
    Supercars.net is full of shit 8 seconds what the f*ck!~?
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    Do you have any proof that it does it in 6 secs? Because if you don't, then you have no right to make dumb comments like that.
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    Dumb comments #$%# you viper boy!I think I know more about ferraris thana viper boy now anyways I have books,videos and other shit,that says 0-100mph in 6.0sec.
    When i'll find someshit onlinei'll post link until then,just take my word for it and look at my icon viperboy!lol

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