0--60 in 4.9? They wish

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    In actuality it does 4.8.But,Mazda can't say that because in 1988 all major Japaneese car manuf's signed an agreement that said that neither of them was going to import a sports car over 276HP.Mazda stayed true to that agreement where Mitsu,Toyota and Nissan did not.When word got out in 1990 that Nissan put out the Z at 300HP and the NEXT Supra was rated at 320HP,Mazda said #$%# it and blasted the engine.The RX-7 was originaly meant to have 276 RWHP(Rear wheel HP)which would be about 310 Flywheel HP.Fly wheel HP is the number you always see.Mazda was screwed,Toyota Mitsu and Nissan lied and said that their cars are holding true to the agreement.Bullshit,but it worked.Mazda decreased the engine output to 255 HP.Nobody could believe that the RX-7 could push 4.8 with 255 HP.And the truth is it can't beause Mazda was smart and they gave the 255 HP to be as RWHP,where in truth it really does 276 Flywheel and still stays true to the signed paper.When my 7 was stock I did dyno testing and track testing.Dyno said 280HP on the Flywheel and I could easily do a 4.8 or 4.9 on the strip.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey RX7 twin turbo I have no idea where you get your car facts from but they are incorrect, nothing in that sort ever happened,Mazda is not included exclusively with other Japanese car manufacturers, all of Mazda's regulatories come from Ford Motor Co. <!-- Signature -->
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    LOL.You have a shit load of wrong info on your hands.You have no idea about RX-7's or other cars for that matter.Do your research dimbrain and you'll see that what I said before is true.How old are you? Like 7. Shit, I'm 18 and have had my 7 for a year,and know everything there is to know about it. I've spent more then $40K on the car and do all the work myself and with my dad. Together my father and I own a 1993 Supra T72, 1993 RX-7 T88, 1997 BMW M3, and 2 Corvettes (1969 Stingray,1995 ZR-1). There are lots of search engines out there,use them and learn something. For the RX-7 I recommend www.RX7club.com <!-- Signature -->
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    uhh ever heard of wankels blowing?, yeah

    Did you know that the dodge stealth is actually .2 seconds faster in 0-60 time?

    and the stealth is faster than the RX-7

    "RX-7's blow my cat"
  5. They have no idea what they are talking about, the mazda rx-7 does not go 0-60 in 4.9 sec, its more like 5.9 sec, well maybe a little less but no way 4.9, it is not faster than a supra TT 0-60 or even a 3000GT VR-4.<!-- Signature -->
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    Youre right it does the 0-60 in 4.8 seconds .1 second faster. Its sad when ignorants toss shit outta their assholes.<!-- Signature -->
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    well sorry to dissappoint you but it does. it might not have enough power as either one but it's got a huge weight advantage

    not to mention it would run circles around both those cars on the track.
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    oh great quote by the way MidNinties... brilliant... really shows your maturity level
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    Got a quote from Mazda themselves, 0-60 in 5.2<!-- Signature -->
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    and btw 3000GT's are SLOWWW compared to the RX-7 and Supra

    they are #$%#n whales.. weigh 3800lbs.

    shit even RX-7 owners consider Supras whales and those are "only" 3400lbs.
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    Hey, get a quote from Mazda on Horsepower as well. See what number they give you. Japan is famous under rating numbers in a few vehicles. Perhaps they under rated this as well. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    RX7 guy is right. Or so i heard. i was told by a mazda pro that his stock on had 317hp at the fly wheel and 270hp at the rear wheels. the only thing i have to say about the 255hp is that epa standards are a *****.
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    Yo justbuy a new radiator and ur setwith overheating problems. and midnin...however u spell your sn...aye test drive an RX-7 and realize that it's da SHIET SON!!!
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    Rx7 TwinTurbo, im 18 with a FD too. drop me a line [email protected] sometimes it not worth arguing with 12 year olds who get all their info from the fast and the furious.
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    You guys that own gen 3 Rx-7's, do you have the problems posted on other sites like overheating, reliability problems etc? I am looking to get a gen 3 RX-7 in the next couple months but I am a little hesitant because of this?
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    Rofl. Ok, i'll take you up on that.

    Let's get a quote for the Porsche Turbo. 4.2. Actual: 3.9
    Porsche GT2: 4.1. Actual: 3.6
    Ferrari Enzo: 3.5. Actual: 3.15. (Yes, this is true. Autoweek ran 3.15.)
    If you romp it off the line with no RPMs, shift at 5500, and reach 60 in 3rd, you'll get about 6 seconds. (I've done this.) If you clutch drop at 3k, shift at redline, and hit 60 in second, LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO, you'll hit 60 in well under 5.

    Get the facts straight before you mouth off.
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    lol, don't go too harsh on those people.
    Their ONLY problem is mis-shifting, you know. =D
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    Boys, simmer down. I own a '93 300GT-VR4 and a '95 RX-7. The Rx-7 is faster and a better handling car , i suppose due to the huge weight advantage.The VR4 is more GT car than the racecar like RX7. And believe it or not the Mitsu is far more expensive to maintain. Many sophisticated systems compared to the Mazda.
    Just to note I have tried to get good info on cars and Bikes on the web and found most info is fron the ignorant or ill-informed.So it is very hard to get real info. I deal only in the hard facts myself, which is why you seldom see any posts from me. Too much wading thru the BS. By the way. For you age conscious folk , i am pushing 50 and have appx. 30 years and over 500,000 miles on the rotary cars. Keep the facts honest and ROTOR - ON.
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    The 0-60 run in under 5 seconds was performed in the RX-7 R1. THe R1 was lighter and stiffer suspension, and it made it to sixty in 4.9 in one of its best runs.
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    rx-7 are fast cars... faster and better hadling than the 3000gt... but not as fast as the Supra though... hehe....
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    Ok. First let's get one thing strait. I'm american yes, but we just suck at making cars compared to ANY import. The only good americans are vipers and vettes. Otherwise its jap cars all the way. If we werent the fattest country in the world, we wouldnt need big bad V8's to carry our fatass's around. Plus that kills your gas mileage and tire wear you morons. Less weight means better acceleration and gas and tire wear and handling. Its true b/c look at all the drag racers and even NASCAR. A RX-7 would run circles around a big Mustang or Camaro like the big whales they are. They only need that much torque b/c they are #$%#ing heavy bitches. Oh yea, those Ford Focus's that are decked out are just poser import cars.
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    ::Dies laughing.:: American's just can't mimic the japenese sport compact. It's impossible.

    Sorry, know it's a little "off topic", but it just had to said.. on with the RX-7 talk!!
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    A Supra TT is more equal than a VR-4. VR-4's aren't that fast for having the amount of power that they have.
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    wow ur an idiot....it does do 4.9 0-60... i have one --plus u shouldnt talk sh*t if u dont no what ur talking about. keep ur mouth shut.....what next ur gunna say it has pistons hahaha -fool

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