0-60 in 6.6? seems way off

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  1. for a car that weighs 2205 lbs and has 350 horse that seems like a really modest time, modest of course meaning WRONG. my friend's stock eclipse gst does that and it weighs about 700 lbs more and has 150 bhp less. if anybody knows the real time i'd appreciate if you'd post it.
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    yeah, with figures like that the performance should be much better. it looks awesome!! ive always loved the miura, this just makes it look even better!<!-- Signature -->
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    you have to realize that this is extremely fast for 1968. if your car could go 0-60 in less than 10 seconds in 1968 it was fast.
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    yeah but your friends eclipse isnt over 30 years old. if you look up the miura p400 s it says it does 0-60 in 5.5. also if you read the article it says that this car has had lead installed to reduce noise and some other customizations using zinc<!-- Signature -->
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    an important factor with 0-60 times of old cars is the tires because 1) theyre narrow and 2) theyre rubbish quality

    even on formula 1 cars in the late 60s, the cars had so little grip that it was actually quicker to slide the car round the corners than it was to slow down enough to take it 'properly'

    a car from 1968 with the same power-to-weight ratio as a car from today will equal it in acceleration, but only if the old car has new tires (not slicks or anything, just normal road tires will do)
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    Blame the bias-ply, and the fact that these car's torque curves, etc, were never ever made with a drag-race in mind. Built for lightning-fast 50-80 and that sort of thing...<!-- Signature -->
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    probably the gearing. in order to reach the claimed 174 mph, the gearbox was configured for speed rather that accel. bop the speed down to 160 and u have a much quicker car...<!-- Signature -->
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    this roadster version would actually do it in about 5.8 seconds, seeing as the aerodynamics have been toned down (due to no top). that kinda drags it.<!-- Signature -->
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    0-60 in 6.6 sec. seems about right.<!-- Signature -->
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    In the May 1994 issue of Road and Track said the 1970 Lamborghini Miura S did 0-60 in 5.5 sec. (it was actually tested in 4-)But they also said it had 430 hp and weighed 2905lbs. From another more reliable source it said the 1972 Miura SV had the most hp of all the Miuras at 385 hp. I think the weight of the Miura roadster is wrong and is closer to the weight of the one Road and Track tested. Unless of course they lowered the weight drastically when they made the roadster or Road and Track is wrong. If the weights were closer the 0-60 times would be closer making the Miura roadsters 0-60 time just over 5.5 I hope i helped.
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    yeah 6.6 seems ok, I'm not doubting you when you say 5.5 for the Miura S, but with that in mind you need to consider 2 things :

    1. The Miura S was a Coupe, less wind resistance than a roadster, even the ultra-modern 550 Barchetta Pininfarina loses 0.2 seconds to the old 550 Maranello

    2. Any model with an "S" after it usually denotes more power, again decreasing the time to 60

    The lack of a tin-top could also account for the weight difference between the two models
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    Yes the weight here is probably a bit off, a convertible is often much heavier than a coupe, cause of the strengthening required when the roof is removed. and with lead in the interior to damp sound ... that must add some more kgs
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    if these stats are correct, wit 350hp and only 1000kg. wow this thing must ride like a roller coster.
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    ooooooooo!!!! i luvvv lambo's!!!! this cars is awesome and is another example the lamborghini is superior to all cars especially ferrari!!!
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    but i guess we forgot about gear ratios for the tranny... this car isn't meant to go 0-60 fast, its meant to race on a track... big difference
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    That's a valid point but I still think it should've been like 5.5sec
    0-60 then and even quicker now with a set of today's road tires on.
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    unless the stats on the weight are wrong and the car's heavier than
    2200lbs then the 0-60 in 6.6 would by about right.

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