0-60 in 8.0

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS' started by PorscheBoy09, Aug 9, 2002.

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    SCREW FORD!!!! THIS IS THA CHEVY FORUMS______RIGHT??????<!-- Signature -->
  2. woah that is staggering, my 600cc street legal dirt bike which is a single cylinder is over 2 seconds faster than that. I even saw a F-250 Powerstroke with a chip run 0-60 in 6.4 at an annual dragrace on an airport runway. I thought SS meant super sport instead of super slow for this "thing".<!-- Signature -->
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    hey, porsche boy, look at your name. Why the hell are you in the chevy forum? If you like these crappy little monte crappo's, then why isn't your name "chevyboy"??
    And Why are you here if your only 10????
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    motortrend says 7.2 seconds. still this car sux.<!-- Signature -->
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    i said it once ill say it again


    All of you igorant bastards that try to compare speeds with everything on the planet are #$%#ing stupid! It wasn't made to compete with sports cars, its a sport SEDAN!<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is meant to be a practicle everyday sports coupe with an agressive look, good reliable handling, and all the performance you'll ever need in the city. Its not a performance car, so you cant say it sucks because it's performance isnt impressive.
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    It's to compete trashy little Tiburons and Eclipses. An angel in a junkyard.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from DANVM</i>
    <b>It's to compete trashy little Tiburons and Eclipses. An angel in a junkyard.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->dan would you please tell use why are the Tibruon and Eclipse are "trashy"?<!-- Signature -->
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    well, I'm not a regular here or anything. But I'm really into cars, and espically interior, I couldn't care less about speed and all that, and this is one of my favorite cars, mostly cause of all that extra space in the inside, for other activities if you know what I mean ;) But... for all you speed demons and all that, like everyone else out there who trys to act like they know more then what they really do, go out and buy one of the monte carlo nascar engines, they sell their's after a certain amount of races, and it will tear the shit out of any of your crappy import's. Damn, better start modding up that civic, maybe if you made the exhaust even more narrower so it's louder it might scare me even more, even though that just slows your car down. sigh.
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    off the subject but your sig is wrong. the 1970 buick gsx stage 2 was the fastest production stock car but it ran a 12.4 or 12.3 it is listed in the anniversary issue of car and driver where they start in 1920 and work their way up detailing the fastest cars of that particular era
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    I happen to own a 2002 Monte Carlo SS and when i was first considering buying it i can tell you for sure that the 0-60 time wasn't the first thing that ran through my mind. Despite what you may think there are other important aspects to a car besides speed. Now you can say all you want about the looks but IMO i think this car looks great and drives great. If i wanted to buy a really fast car i'd buy one (i'm a musclecar guy myself so i would go with something like a 442 or a chevelle) but i want something practical that I can drive around town in.

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