0-60 is way off!

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  1. This car is way faster than 6.5 try 5.3 sec 0-60 that's more like!
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    You catch on quick. BTW: it goes 0-60 in 5 flat. not 5.3
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    No offense but I didn't catch any thing from you,lol This is my own personal knowledge about the Z.Well shit 5.3 sounds way better than this site's laughable(even n/a is faster)6.5,lol
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    Yes, 6.5 seems way slow for this car, id say around 5.5, flat 5? im not to sure, but i could be wrong...

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    In Road and Track Dec 89, the 300ZX TT had a 6.50 0-60, and a 15.0 1/4 mile, which is most likely where the numbers come from. Road and Track seems to produce higher numbers than other publications. Haven't we been through this?
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    yeah, and juding by my avatar I have a little knowledge too.
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    I laugh at your pityful attempt of lying,lolIn'89 it had to be a N/A
    Z not a twinturbo.The twinturbos didn't come out until about 6 months later or something like that,lol.Now as for those times they are full of shit,I used to own an '88 300Zx(single)turbo 205bhp,224 ft lbs of torque(I bleieve) and I ran a 7.0 sec 0-60 and a 15.0 sec 1/4 mile time in that,and it was all stock.So if they got that pathetic time in a twinturbo Z they either can't drive worth shit or you're full of shit,lol!And that was a N/A not a twin~turbo in the test,lol.

    Also show me a link ,I wanna see this,lol.
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    Yawn................... I guess you want me to go over it again.

    Blah blah blah blah blah

    Look it up yourself next time so you do not look so dumb.........


    Pssst.........Did you know Magazines often get the cars to review before they come out? Like I said Road and Track back in 89 did not get the best 0-60 times. But this is where it seems the information is coming from, the 0-60 is the same, the skid pad is the same, the 1/4 mile is the same, the 0-100 is the same.

    Don't whine to much.........
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    Seriously, do you have to end every sentence with "lol?" Are you a re-re? Are you even more idiotic than you seem?
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    Go choke on a cock and die you fat #$%#!
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    Nissan say 0-60 in 5.2 for the 2 seater TT and 5.5 for the 2+2 which is heavier.

    Each year is slighty different, I hear the 1991 one was the fastest and it went down hill after 96 because of emmissions laws.

    Plus the first year of any car is always the worst. The car in the article may be a pre-production one which they send out to the magasines.

    I have got 0-60 in 5.6 but that is a 12 year old car (So may not be in tune as it should be), 2+2 and in the wet.


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    I will kill you.
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    If you bought a new 300ZX back in the day, without all the optional extras and tested in on cold day on a good surface, yes you'd get 5 flat, maybe a 4.9. but 5.2-5.4 average perhaps.

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    true, a 300zx twin turbo does 0-60 in less den 5.5. [ atleast mine does.
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    Very true!
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    My 300 does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds
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    yeah ,real probable since you started almost every topic, asking questions about the 300zx. yeah im sure you have a 300zx,......
    in your dreams
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    i need sum help people..can i boost a Z32TT up to 17psi by adding bigger intercooler,dual intake,800cc injectors,ECU,full exhaust from turbo,BOV,performance spark plug and a boost controller? thanx
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    Stock turbos will be at their limit at 17psi as they are not very big.

    What power are you going for? With 800cc injectors you will need a new ECU with it, with I guess you already know. 800cc injectors with stock turbos is very over kill.

    However with all those mods I presume you are looking at changing the turbos as well.

    Quick answer with stock turbos: Yeah but with all those mods your turbos will be the weak link and close to limit,

    Uprated turbos, yes very easy.
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    SRRAE! i dont wana change turbos...i wana keep it original...coz changing to bigger turbos will kill the car's characteristic...i wana use factory turbos and wish to run 17psi...if the 800cc injectors are not good for the turbos then i would use 600cc injectors...so wat i wana know is can a Z32TT handle 17psi with big intercooler,dual intake,600cc injectors,ECU,full exhaust,performance spark plug and a boost controller? i really wana hit 17psi using factory turbos...
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    by the way this site is pathetic...they should not give out laughable info like this...with all these crappy infomation,it will give bad reputation to some cars...the 300ZX twin turbo statistic on this site is the worse...im a Japanese cars maniac..dats why i've done many research on super Jap cars statistics

    -3000GT TT 0-60 5.5 sec
    -Evo 6 0-60 5 sec
    -R32 GTR 0-60 4.7 sec
    -R33 GTR 0-60 5 sec
    -R34 GTR 0-60 5.1 sec
    -300ZX TT 2 seater 0-60 5.1 sec
    -300ZX TT 4 seater 0-60 5.3 sec
    -350Z Track 0-60 5.7 sec
    -Supra TT 0-60 5 sec
    -NSX 0-60 5.7 sec
    -RX7 0-60 5.5 sec
    -WRX STI 0-60 5.1 sec

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    You dont need 800cc.

    The best injectors to get are Nismo 555cc injectors.

    If you want to run 17psi most of the time, I suggest you get JWT Sport 500 turbos if you can. They are modified stock turbos which will produce more air flow but the turbos will have no more lag
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    dude! can i run 16psi with stock engine? i think it is safer to run 16psi,coz this car handle 17psi maximum.So 16psi is enough...so can this car handle 16psi without doing any thing to the engine?
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    The parts which tends to let the car down first are the intercoolers.
    The turbo air gets too hot, causing pinking and make the car run worse than if it was running 14psi.

    Also at 15psi I think the injectors are struggling a little.

    If you get new intercoolers, larger injectors 555cc and an ECU to work the injectors. I can see no problem running 16psi. You clutch may not last too long but the internals can take it.

    16-17 is pushing the stock turbos a little though.
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    thanx dude! well maybe i should drop it to 15psi...better to roll safe

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