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  1. immsuprised at this cars 0-60. it wieghs 670kg, and has 680bhp, i mean it should be quicker than 4.2secs!! the power to wieght ration is insane!!!!!! 1034.1!!!!!!!!!!! it must of had a really poor driver or some really crappy tires or something
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    You never know... I read that this car is essentially a slightly re-worked Bugatti EB-110 built from spare body tubs and engine parts - hence the extremely limited production. Anyway, the Bugatti had fearsome turbo-lag and clocked a 0-60 of around 4 seconds as a result of this.

    Perhaps this car has similar issues.

    Normal aspiration is the way to go - or supercharging if the engine must be force-fed.
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    do u really belive this weighs only 600 odd kilos u really got 2 be gullible
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    Its gotta be a typo. With that low weight with that beastly power and torque, id expect more like 3.2. And its a twin turbo, which lowers turbo lag considerably. Im almost sure its a typo.
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    4.2 seconds is really powerful, just because superior cars such as McLaren have 3.2 doesn't mean 4.2s slow.
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    ok just to clear some stuff up. This is now coming straight from the back of an Evo magizines' knowledge section.

    Actual wieght : 1500kg (i think what happened was this was reported in kilograms, but waswritten down as pounds.) this translates to 3300 pounds (or about the same as a c5 corvette) by the way, a car with 680 hp that weighs 1400 pounds would not be remotly streetable.

    It does have 680hp

    as someone cleverly pointed out it is a crappy remake of the cool Bugatti eb 110. the 0-60 time was independently tested by evo magizine at 4.5 seconds. this (as someone cleverly pointed out) is due to the fact that it has 4 turbo chargers that must not kick in until a higher rpm.

    It could go 227 miles per hour in a straight line.

    reasons this car sucks.

    1. They made too few to even call it production (in my opinion)
    2. Its ugly as hell
    3. it was made of spare parts buy a company with no real racing heritage
    4. it has 680 hp but has a "slower" zero to sixty time than a 1990 zr-1 corvette.
    5. It costs as much as a Ferrari Enzo (450,000 -2001 british pounds)
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    No one likes the Dauer 962 LM for a few reasons.

    1.They have to this day made 11 of them. No exactly avalible.
    2.They are made out of busted old (however awsome) 82-90 porsche endurance cars (Which I do have the utmost respect for)
    3. They look like they are from 1982. (ie square back ends)
    4. Anyone can take a Le Mans car, slap bumpers and leather trim on it, and call it street legal.

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    your right man. That is pretty messed up but just a thought: Did you ever wonder that it ciould be the way the gears are set up? I'm not saying anything bad about you but I wonder if thats a possibility?

    Proud owner of a Daihatsu truck. 65 horsepower and a top speed of 89 mph!!!!BEAT THAT!!!!
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    4.2 is still pretty fast, BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH!!!!

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