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  1. This thing hits 60 in just 4 seconds!

    The top speed is a bit lacking for that kind of acceleration.
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    It's probably a pretty light car...
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    Thats what im guessing.
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    low gearing hence high accel low speed
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    im guessing like a lot of the stats on this site that this could be incorrect. 275 horses and damn near in the 3 second range. nah this car aint that light or the company is lying.
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    The stats are correct. Just look at Lotus, the Elise has only 140 hp, but is fast n-e-way. I know because i read the same stats in Road & Track.
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    the car was just made for acceleration
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    Must be mega light, wonder what it weighs?
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    Must be mega light, wonder what it weighs?
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    The body is plastic, and I'm not too sure if 4 secs to 60 is correct but it can definitley do it in under 4.5. It's based on the Subaru Impreza.
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    Cars designed to be light generally accelorate at a rate that seems disporportional to their top speed. Look at a Lotus 7, or an Elise.
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    It is not surprising that this car has high acceleration and low (relatively) top speed because speed and acceleration are almost opposite. It may not seem it but acceleration is most when speed is least and top speed is most when acceleration is least.

    Think about it.

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