0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

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  1. so 0.9repeating is equal to one. do you agree or disagree?
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    Yes, 0.999999... = 1

    This is a proven fact by some of the greatest mathematicians of all times and anyone who disagrees is ^#$%ing retarded. Look it up: www.google.com
  3. Technically, no. Practically, yes.
  4. Yes. Period.
  5. wrong. Technically, yes. Practially, yes.
  6. Exactly.
  7. I say it isn't 1 because if it is 1 why don't they just call it 1.... >_>
  8. No, there would be a .00000000...infinity....01 difference.
  9. At another message board that I used to go to all the time they would have this argument like twice a week.
  10. no, there wouldnt be. take the limit to infinity as something approaches zero. It equals zero.
  11. in a "near as makes no difference" sort of way, yes. But there will always be a 1 missing somewhere.
  12. Okay, and where do you put the 1?

    "at the end" What if there IS no end? What if it goes on forever? See? Its all just a series of 0's that go on forever, there IS no "1" at the end, and thats because 0.9999... is equal to 1.
  13. you clearly have no idea about the term infinity. theres a reason its an undefined value. You cant put a number on it. There WONT always be a missing one. youre so #$%#ing clueless 99% of the time.
  14. Depends on how fast the treadmill's going.
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  16. bingo.
  17. hey Smellens, wanna make out or something?
  18. There is always an end. Without an end, you have no beginning, without a beginning, there's no "0." before your nines.
  19. This thread has now been guaranteed for at least 3 more pages.
  20. The universe has no end.

    And neither does 0.9999...
  21. Make your bets folks. In 24 hours will this thread be over or under 5 pages.
  22. tell this to some of the greatest mathematicians of all time. they will disagree with you.

    it may be unintuitive, but thats how shit is when extrapolated to infinity. Until you back your shit up with a mathematic proof, its null and void.
  23. Then 0.9999... has no value and this debate in inconsequential.
  24. yep.

    were expanding at an accelerating rate which should mean no end. theoretically a death to the universe could be simply that everything gets so spread out, that the ratio of matter to space becomes one of those .00000000000.....1 segments, and at time point infinity ceases to exist.
  25. Yes, it does have a value. That value is 1.

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