0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Okay lets see here

    You dont think that an infinite .9999999

    would have an infinite .0000000000000001 at the end aded to it that it would make 1?

    I know its such a minute, miniscule, miniature number, that cannot even be comprehended. but it still exists in order to do what I am saying it will do.
  2. I used to.
  3. That doesn't even make sense. Shut up.
  4. no, 1/3 *3 isnt equal to 1 based on your stupid #$%#ing incorrect assumption. obviously however 1/3+1/3+1/3 =1. 1/3 is also equal to .3 repeating. you are a #$%#ing retard to the extreme of mental retardation. how did you make it out of 2nd grade?
  5. Please ban him again already. I just lost about 10,000 brain cells just from reading his posts in this thread.
  6. how many atoms are there in the world?

    Is it infinite, or is it actually a real number?

    Its such an enormous number that even a billionth of it cannot be counted. But it still exists and if that number is X

    X + 1 doesnt = to X

    becuase that smallest atom that just got added isnt quite the same.
  7. You cant ban someone for makeing an argument in an argument thread if it isnt offensive.
  8. your name is from a monkey. point.
  9. I'm seriously thinking about buying a plane ticket, flying to California, killing you, and then killing your parents for causing me all this trouble.
  10. They can ban you for being a second account
  11. you are mentaly retarded.
  12. why was this thread even made if I cannot have an opinion?

    Meet me in real life, youd hardly think Im a retard.
  13. unless the first account was banned for a unrighteous reason.
  14. do it if you are a man.
  15. As of this moment, it's 10:33PM. If you keep this up, you will most likely be banned by 10:45. Just stop proving to us that you're a moron. We get it already.
  16. great, and Im supposed to believe you arent.

    all your posts say "You are mentally retarded" . If anything, you are for repeating yourself.
  17. 1x10^1,000,000,000 =/= infinity, ergo your point is moot
  18. You really are dumb as hell.
  19. I have a right to say my opinion. because no one can prove either side. Its all numbers! You cant physically prove it!
    and you cant be banned for having an opinion. its Unjust
  20. What part of "you are a second account" do you not understand?
  21. So infinity is an everlasting number?, then infinity cannot exist. It is just a term used to explain numbers people cannot reach. therefore this thread cant make any sense.
  22. This isn't about "opinions," you stupid sack of shit. Infinity + 1 is still infinity. Why can't you understand this?
  23. Infinity isn't a number.
  24. lol. Infinity has no end, it isn't so much a number as a label, it means there is no end anywhere.
  25. i dont have to meet you in real life. you're a retard. this thread proves it, you dont even understand basic jr high math concepts. and no, we arent arguing this with you because of what we were taught, we're arguing with you because we all understand what we were taught and can sit here and show you and give you examples. you just wont listen, or just dont understand. its not complicated. you're just stubborn.

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