0.9999.....to infinity is equal to 1

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  1. Your barely high school grasp of mathematics is proving you to be an idiot.
  2. Way to go, pokey, you arrived long after the debate was over, but thanks for playing anyway.
  3. I have not seen you post here for quite some time, but it seems you are still an angry man.
  4. Disagree.

    I could have .999 repeating of something, but it doesn't mean I have a whole one.

    Or something.
  5. One third (.333333333333 repeating) plus two thirds (.666666666 repeating) equals one (.9999999999 repeating).

    Anybody who says otherwise is uneducated on the subject.
  6. Say hello to REAL math magic.

    Start here:

    x = 1

    Subtract x from each side:

    x - x = 1 - x

    Divide each side by (1 - x):

    (x - x)/(1 - x) = (1 - x)/(1 - x)

    On the right side, the numerator and the denominator are equal, making it equal to one:

    (x - x)/(1 - x) = 1

    On the left side, the numerator (x - x) equals zero, so the fraction is equal to zero:

    0 = 1
  7. ^^ OMG ITS TRUE!!
  8. Tricky, eh?
  9. what?
  10. This is true.
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  12. Wouldn't it just get infinitly close to 1?
  13. no. a number can't "get". it is one.
  14. This one is the most simple. 1/3 = 0.333... so 3 * 1/3 = 0.999...
    but 3* (1/3) = 1. Therefore 0.999... = 1.
  15. Unless, hypothetically .3333333... and exactly one-third of a whole weren't exactly equal, then the rest of you logic could be flawed. Just, hypothetically.
  16. My professor did exactly that in Calc 1
  17. You're shit.
  19. My high school math teacher was stunned for like 10 seconds when I showed that. :D But it's pretty easy to see where the problem is.
  20. i loled
  22. jesus christ you must have been going down on guys instead of paying attention in school since elementary. there IS no end to infinity, which just goes to show how wrong you are in this entire discussion.
  23. Yeah, i never said it didn't go on forever.
  24. haha, shut up the plane would not lift off at all

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