'02 NSX vs. '95 RX-7

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by elbato22, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. In a stock race i think the NSX might prevail it will be close. In a tuned race it depends who wants to spend more money but I think the RX-7 will take the tuned race. What do you think?<!-- Signature -->
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    I say in stock form that The lower HP and lower Torque RX-7 may have the edge over the NSX at autocrosses where a smaller, shorter wheel-based, lighter cars are by laws of nature suitable for such course, since HP and Torque will not give any car the edge when after all, you'll never pass 2nd gear. But tuned to similar spec, I believe the NSX will win over the RX-7 on racetracks or road courses, simply because of its better suspension geometries and more stable (and higher) top speed. My 2 cents worth.....

    BTW I appreciate this topic of yours. Very gently stated and well-mannered. A topic worthy of reply. No flames, no uncivilized turd-slinging brought on by those who has small penis syndromes, (at least not yet, we shall wait and see how many of these kids leave their marks here). I hope to see more replies to this post with intelligence and maturity here. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    The race would be close. RX-7 is lighter, but has less power. In an endurance race, NSX would win for sure, becuz RX-7 is a gas-guzzler, which means it has to goto the pit very often.

    On straite road, NSX would win for sure, again. Due to higher top speed, and one more gear to play with. It also has better acceleration becuz it's a mid-engined car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hmmmm..I think I'd put my money on the NSX cuz I've driven both cars. The NSX has alot more power down low in the first place. Secondly..it handles like a dream.

    The RX7 is not far behind in handling..but power always kicks in at the higher revs..could be due to the turbos too. The RX7 also does not handles as well...as for fuel efficiency..I wouldn't say it's a Guzzler..especially the 95-97 Models. The Wankels then were refined..and make way more efficient from the research done @ the LeMans win of the Mazda Wankel powered racer. First Japanese car to ever win the LeMans.

    It's gonna be a close race..but it the roads are wide enough..it's gonna be NSX.

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    sure nos will get you ahead but its still cheating if your racing a car without nos
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    ABout the endurance didn't the 787b win the lemans a few years back a 26B 4 rotor engine
    and i can't decide which would win but i would say the rx 7
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    The NSX also win in their class as a GT2 in like 1992 or something.....

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