05 Cobalt priced lower than 2004 Caviler MSRP

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    Lower than 2004 Cavalier MSRP
    by Trevor Hofmann , Canadian Auto Press

    New Cobalt Promises to Deliver Premium Compact Quality and Features

    All the talk surrounding General Motors of Canada positioning the new Chevrolet Cobalt higher on the pecking order than
    With an entry price of $15,495, the new Cobalt starts at $735 below the current $16,230 Cavalier. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
    its previous Cavalier is a testament that you shouldn't listen to everything you might overhear.

    Why so? Having announced an entry-level price of $15,495 for the new model, at $735 below the current $16,230 price of the base Cavalier, might cause a person to wonder just what going upscale is all about.

    That will be made all too apparent as soon as prospective buyers sit inside the new model, which has been upgraded and refined in every way over the long-in-the-tooth Cavalier. According to a General Motors press release, "a
    Just like the Cavalier, the new Cobalt will offer coupe (shown) and sedan configurations. (Photo: General Motors of Canada)
    high level of refinement is apparent in the quality of materials, appointments and styling cues used throughout the cabin."

    Available in 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan iterations, just like Cavalier, the new Cobalt improves on styling, interior layout and materials and driving dynamics.

    The new model will be available in eight trim levels, including base, LS, LT and SS designations for the sedan, and base, LS, SS and SS supercharged trim levels. Over and above the $15,495 base model, the LS will start at $19,795, the LT sedan at $22,995 and the supercharged SS coupe at $24,995.
  2. i d definatly take an SRT-4 over a cobalt SS though.
  3. I'd definitely take a Cobalt SS over an SRT-4 though.
  4. I second that.
  5. I'd rather have a real car then either of them
  6. I'd take a tC
  7. The Cobalt is supposed to be better handling than the SRT-4, I loved HotRods idea of making a 300HP AWD rally Cobalt haha.
  8. That's because it looks ready for off-roading.
  9. that's because the srt-4 can't handle worth shit.
  10. Id rather take a Chevette with a 409 V8 in it
  11. I really like the Cobalt and that Ecotec is no joke. It won't be long before you see it stomping all over the Honda B series records. It's already blown away Honda on the top end by over 30mph.
  12. since thats from the canadian auto press are those canadian prices???
  13. They would seem about right. Us starting price for a cavalier/sunfire is about 12K

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