05 Mustang GT hits 12.3sec with simple bolt-ons!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 10th Annv SVT Cobra, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Yup, I have the magazine, great issue overall too, with that road racing Chevelle, and the 243 mph Camaro.
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  4. I did. I read the words, Pauls High Performance. the Ford Mustang DragStang comprises of Pauls High Performance parts. If you go to the Dragstang link on the exoticcarsite.com link, in the press release down the bottom, it gives a small media release blurb about the car.
  5. what are the "simple" bolt-ons ?
  6. Simple bolts ons? It comes with 300hp. What exactly makes it noticably faster NA than a 03 390HP cobra? Oh wait I know, ridiculous slicks or ET streets.
  7. Can you scan it? or tell me what are those "simple bolt-ons"
  8. I want one with a 5 cammer engine.
  9. the 04 cobra weighs alomst 350 lbs more than the 05 GT, i would imagine that MIGHT have something to do with it.
  10. The 04 Cobra actually weighs less than 170 lbs more than the Mustang GT in either of its 2 trims.
  11. Ya
  12. i doubt the 05 stang weights nearly 4000 lbs. the car and diver i have put the weight at 3550.
  13. He was saying the 05 stang weighs 350 pounds less then the 04 cobra.
  14. right, and the cobra weighs about 3780
  15. no
  16. 3665

    Thats assuming you're talking about the coupe, of course.
  17. The 03/04 Cobra weighs 3665 lbs. and I read the 05 GT weighs 3550. Put some "simple" bolt-on's on the Cobra and see what happens.
  18. Simple bolt ons such as low restriction intake, and custom headers and down pipes, which bring it up to nearly 300 hp at the rear wheels. What he didn't mention is that the car was also stripped out until in weighed not much more than 3100 lbs. I'll scan the article tomorrow.
  19. "Forgot to mention" or "didn't want to admit"?

    I don't think that's totally honest though. MM&FF dropped a 5.0 into the 11's leaving the 302 bone stock. Thats 225hp off the crank, if I recall.
  20. i see, proof of my mastery of the english language once again!
  21. You don't even really need bolt ons for the Cobra... just put a smaller pulley on it and reprogram it and gain an easy 70 horsepower.
  22. it had an adjustable suspension, 15" weld alumastars front and rear. and slicks from what i glanced over. and it was pretty bare. also had a set of lightweight brakes from baer i think it was.
  23. weed is good. thats what u need to go 12.3. screw bolt ons.
  24. since when are custum headers simple bolt ons?

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