05 Mustang Pricing is out!

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  1. I have to agree with you.The quality interior of the stang has upgraded.
  2. me neither.. i've sat in a couple and checked everything out, the look and feel is great compared to anything out there, light years ahead of the old mustang.. that guy thinking it has a cheap interior has never taken a close up look at one i bet.

    and about the mustang being based on mazda stuff... unless a bunch of people are lying in interviews and what not, they started off with the DEW98 platform and modified it so thoroughly that it is basically a new platform..nothing borrowed from mazda to the degree implied here. not that mazda stuff would be automatically bad, but mazda doesnt do anything like mustang so i dont see how they could contribute a great deal. to say that a lot of parts will fit right back into a mazda 6 is an exageration to say the least. amazing how some people will get an idea in their head...
  3. I highly doubt the modified DEW98 platform shares much with the CD3 platform.

    I certainly won't be looking for any parts off the Mustang to bolt up to mine, I'll be watching the Mercury Milan, Ford Fusion, Lincoln Zephyr and 2007 Ford Mondeo which are/will be on the CD3 platform.
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    Seriously, where were all of you when it came out MONTHS ago that the DEWlite Mustang was scrapped? See:


    ...furthermore, what would be the point of shareing anything with DEW when it's marked for immediate death? The LS and T-bird are supposed to move to this new platform, and the S-type to the XJ platform. The North American DEW plant is more likely being closed down! And the S-type plant may also go...
  5. ...and again I'm not saying that the 6 and Mustang are on the same "platform" (DUH!) but that the 6 technology base (and not the DEW) was the starting point for the new Mustang. The production processes for example are obviously drawn from the 6 since they can run down the same line at the same time (at Flat Rock).
  6. i heard about the dew mustang being scrapped and switched over to be based on a modified mazda 6 chassis. its a hybrid of both systems or some shit like that.

    Now heres a question for you... my options are to wait and buy and 05 v6 deluxe for the 19995 and have the first new mustang in ages or buy an 04 competition orange v-6 for 13000. i love the color and for the price you cant go wrong but which would you choose. they also have 11 other v-6 models and 2 gt's that are marked down 6,000. all the v-6's are very near 13k and the gts are at 18. the diff between an 04 and 05 is 216.67/60 compared to 333.33/60. thats an insurance payment. and there is no competition orange in 05 i dont think... the color im looking at is lime green.
  7. I'd take an 05' v6 over an 04' GT personally.
  8. We should be getting some at the end of this month.
  9. is the pricing on the v-6 canadian $ or american $
  10. American. The target was always 20k US.
  11. That's not to bad at all. For a GT in CDN $$$, it should be around 30 grand.
  12. i wish it was canadian... id love a 05 v6 for 500$
  13. thats a lot cheaper than i thought. Most people were thinking in the 28k range for the GT
  14. I think all the Tremec six speeds last two gears are both overdrives. Five is like a .64:1 and the last is a .5:1. The five speed Tremec is 30 lb. lighter and stronger then the six speed, but only has the one overdrive gear.
  15. The interior looks WAY better than the current Mustang's. My friend has an '02 GT, and the interior just ruins it for me. It's still an awesome car for the price, but they could easily make the interior more presentable. For some reason, the word that comes to mind is "thick".
  16. I'm not into the "retro look". Those rounded gauges & vent ducts, gothic gauge lettering and shiny dash board mixed with digital readouts and modern looking switches makes it look like it was designed in two diffrent era's. Very "busy" looking

    My 04 Cobra is void of all that styling effort and is much cleaner looking. Road & Track described is a "dipped in charcoal colored primer" look and that's OK with me. I don't care much for all that shiny stuff on a car anyhow.

    I'm eager to see the new Mustang on the showroom floor. To me if they changed a few things like that dash board and tail lights it would be an awsome looking car.

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