05 Mustang shippment stop

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MR2T, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Damn, this does not look good
  2. damn'it!!!!! are they gonna fix this problem?
  3. I don't think it'll take them long to find a fix however given how important the Mod' is to Ford (F-150!!!!!!!!!!)

    As the article says they can keep making v6 Mustangs (or Mazda6s)...
  4. I'm not surprised.
  5. It's Ford, what did you expect.
  6. no. they really arnt.
  7. good one.
  8. and why should you be? Ford is known for fixing potential problems in vehicles before they release them to public. Unlike Ford's Detroit counterpart (no names mentioned) Chevy, Ford does not let the public become test rats for new products and discover defects in automobiles. Ford takes care of the problems so they don't become ours and even though production delays don't look good they aren't as bad as recalls or even worse not recalling a vehicle when it needs to be done. So you do have a good point after all. Now go back to your little hole and come back out when your foot is removed from your ass and you are able to think and post cleary.
  9. No Ford never ever put an unsafe Explorer on the road did they?
  10. Just like the great job they did with the last generation explorer and it's tires...
  11. I dind't say Ford never had recalls I just said it was better to have production delays then have recalls. At least Ford did recall the Explorers so I really don't see what your point was plus that was Firestones problem not Ford's and that is why Ford ended an 98 year co-partenrship with Firestone. And less than 5 % of the Explorers were defective yet all of them were recalled.
  12. Ford put the tires on Explorers knowing they were defective, they even admitted it.
  13. as long as its not the v6 version this doesnt affect me
  14. They were still recalled so get off the Explorer thing that was one incedent and you don't have a point. just because I proved you wrong about the Mustang production delay don't change the subject hoping to show me up err something. Now why don't you try to tell me once when chevy had a recall and if you don't I will know that you have an ego much to large for your brain and you are letting Chevy down by proving a point that they don't recall vehicles instead they let there consumers suffer by letting them drive defected vehicles which is much more worse then a recall. now lets get back to talking about the mustang thing not Explorers
  15. Looks like someone is going to get fired.
  16. wheels fell off Dodge Durangos and they didn't roll over
    it was a combo of bad tires, bad suspension
  17. lol that funny, chrysler is VERY stuborn when it comes to recalling vehicles because many of the Dodge Caravans had faulty fuel tanks that were prone to cathing on fire when the cars were involved in wrecks and the never did anything about it. Howcome we never really heard anything ahout wheels falling of Durangos?
  18. The Explorer was safe...the tires were too...the problem ford had was in correct tire pressure. The tires came off the line with the wrong tire pressure.
  19. because they didn't roll over, and nobody died
  20. It will be fixed.
  21. Gee, and all this time I thought it was only the interior that was defective.
  22. dont forget about gm recalling c5's a week after they came out because the back wheels tended to fall off.

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