1,100hp corvette!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by jdkleidon, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. dude, he eats pieces of shit like you for breakfast.
  2. I'm going to rape your ****, you ****.
  3. Y'all eat pieces of shit? What's the basis?
  4. That 0-100 time is nuts! This would be so fun to drive.
  5. or deadly.

    preferably the latter if OP is driving.
  6. i agree 0-100 in 1.97 secs is insane
  8. Do us all a favor...
  9. unique option
  10. I felt it was approiate for this situation.
  11. He's a mod and you aren't, and he can. Plus you're a douche.
  12. veyronman is against the sharing of views
  13. You started a shitty thread featuring a several year old story. So, no, you still haven't made a reasonable contribution to these forums aside from giving the rest of us something to laugh about.
  14. lol srsly. I don't get how someone can be such a dunce.
  15. there are people that havent heard of it yet, so i thought i would put it on here, thats reasonable contribution to me
  16. If you're an "car fan" and you didn't hear about this YEARS ago, you really need to get your head out of whatever ass it's firmly lodged in.

    Catering to the dumbasses that are 3 years behind on their automotive knowledge is no reason for a thread.
  17. what if they recently became interested in cars, are theyre heads firmly lodged in theyre ass
  18. No, but considering your atrocious grammar, I'd say yours' is.

  19. dude if i had to use grammer i would, but i dont so get over it, and considering you love to pick fights with me, i would say your no older than 15, that includes you too veyronman
  20. No, you don't have to use correct grammar and spelling, but it just reiterates to everyone how #$%#ing dumb you are that you choose not to use it. I mean come on... In your sentence where you defend your choice to not use correct grammar and spelling, you spell the word "grammar" incorrectly. How dumb can you be?

    And I can assure you Veyronman and I are both under 15. How else would we be so awesome?
  21. You do if you want to be taken seriously. But considering your name is a clusterfUck of random letters, I'll assume you're not smart enough to put together a coherent thought.

    You better watch it, kiddo, or you're gonna get .txt'd.
  22. Actually that story is about 5 years old. So, it's very possible someone who only got into cars 4 years ago never heard about it. Did you know everything about ever car past and present since birth? Yes, we know he's a troll. But your comment lacks validity.
  23. To answer your question: Yes.

    Now go away.
  24. back off my nigger jdklingon
  25. DoNt MaKe Me CoMe AfTeR yOu FaGgOt. WhO yOu DoNt KnOw CaN hUrT yOu.

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