1.20 G's?

Discussion in '1996 Ford Indigo Concept' started by ZX12R, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. highest of all cars on SC.net?

    loved that car on NFS2
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    lol I engjoyed it because it looked so unique my favorite was the F50. With that super cheat car that can go 280 MPH and turn in an instant.
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    i tested that game back when I worked for EA. In fact the fastest time ever done on the last hidden track was done wth the Indigo. I should know because they took the fastest time in the EA building on that track (wich was my fastest time, then they added some time on top of it so it could be beaten). So what ever the top fastest time on that track was, Im tellin you right now it's faster than that.
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    its the highest one that has the actual g'si think, but hell no, as if it beets the Ferrari F2002 or any racecar.
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    What was that cheat then? I've got NFS2SE
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    many people thnk that's a car!!! well its not its an sfuv!! sfuv meaning: sheitty fu(keng ugly vehicle
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    things have moved on havent they

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