1/4 mile time is SOOOO WRONG.

Discussion in '1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo' started by Fairlady300z, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I agree......WTF......I read this site and others saying that this car is only 16.5 or 15 'ings. But then I took one for a test drive. I dont know if it was just luck. But holly sh#t! I own an Rx7 turbo which is supposedly faster. I have beaten 300z's in drag. (driver counts alot). But my rx7 I dont think is even close tto feeling like a real race car. I mean during the ride this car felt like an outstanding ferrari. The feel of the tight clutch the engine intake was killer! you would hear this big healthy sound and then air being sucked in to the engine. This car is an excellent pleasure car. Its probably not the fastest car out of japan, but i have driven porche's and vette's and also supras and an rx7s all blazing fast. but nothing, nothing felt as real or as close to a real pure sport car then this.(really good looker too)
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    I agree the quarter on this car is wrong, i have seen them do as well as 14.8 in the quarter, it all depends on the driver and the load, with a gas tank this size on a full gas tank this is about right, gosh it almost weights as much as a tank
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    yeah thats kinda a bias comment mabey he ment 14 flat or something, cartest says 14.3 up to 14.5 prob just someone typing in stats real quick not paying attention and hit the wrong button
    then again the 0-60 is off to cartest puts that at 5.6 to 5.9 so mabey these are 96 n/a stats or something but either way its needs to be updated they glorify the rx7 supra and 3000gt but then all of a sudden the 300z is not up there with them? pffft the z is the easyist to get ahold of and the tt is cheaper then the 3000gts and supras tt
    z cars roc!!!!!
    even iroc camaros
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    Yup these must be the N/A stats. A guy with an intake, and exhaust 98 maxima did a 14.9, so I doubt a 300hp 300zx will be outrun by an N/A Maxima, putting out at most 220hp.

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