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    The Dauer surely is a beautiful and well-crafted vehicle. But that is DEFINITELY no reason to call a McLaren F1 pos. The effort involved with constructing the McLaren is far far greater than anything Dauer has put in. Dauer used the 962 as a base. The twin turbo engine setup was a proven race design. There are a lot of factors. Many car critics say that the Mclaren has some of the best fit and finishes they have ever seen. I doubt that you should have any say against that unless you've seen both in person and have been in each. I have personally testdriven the mclaren F1 in the silicon valley auto group. So if you think that facts will have any comparison to a driving experience, you are wrong. The mclaren F1 is a very very enjoyable ride and easy to drive. Even if the Dauer is faster, I cannot help but say that the Mclaren is the best-sorted car ever. If anything it is far more unique than the Dauer. BTW, the Veyron is now crowned the fastest. "Limited" to 252 mph and doing 0-60 in 2.48 seconds it owns the Dauer LM. Anyway, even so, I'd take the McLaren over the Veyron any day. Speed can only go so far, and on the streets, traction is hard to find for a 0-60 time of under 3.5 seconds, therefore, it does not matter. I'm not downplaying the amazing performance of the Dauer. I am only saying that you should not downplay the McLaren. It was one of a kind, a vision made reality, and exceeded expectations (speed never truly played a massive role in its development like the Dauer, it just happened to be quick). Small areas like easily controllable handling at the limits and good, instant throttle response and acceleration, and drivability were focused on. The Big Mac also is surprisingly compact. Read more on the "practicality" of the Dauer (I am most definitely a 962 lover, but it just isn't meant for the streets, i'm sorry) http://www.autozine.org/strange_car/strange_20.htm
  2. I'll correct a few things if you dont mind...

    1. To be considered a production car, at least 25 must be sold to the public. The F1 sold around 50, the 962 sold only 13. Which means the 962 LM is not a production car.

    2A. I tend to believe you dont know much about it either.

    2B. He was actually referring the the McLaren F1 LM, no the 962 LM. The F1 LM only had 5 produced, while the Dauer isnt much better at 13.

    3A. The Dauer 962 LM wasnt "Designed for the road", it's a modified Porsche 962, which was build entirely for track use.

    3B. Shut up you twat, the Veyron is in production, and it beat the Dauer both in top speed and in 0-60.

    4. The Schuppan 962 is worth more than an F1 and a Dauer 962 put together. If they were really smart they'd buy either a Veyron or a Zonda F. Or maybe an S7 TT.

    5. I think you should leave this conversation alone as you dont seen to know much about either.
  3. no it is not worth more than a Mclaren and dauer 962 lm put together, are you on crack! the dauer 962 lm is $1,200,000 and the mclaren $1,000,000 and the schupan is worth $1,500,000 but its an awesome car! a veyron costs $1,250,000 and its a piece of crap

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    The Schuppan 962 is worth more than an F1 and a Dauer 962 put together. If they were really smart they'd buy either a Veyron or a Zonda F. Or maybe an S7 TT.
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    http://www.modernracer.com/features/worldsfastestcars4.html this website shows the stats of the bugatti veyron it does 0-62 in 2.9 sec. the dauer does 0-60 in 2.6 and in top speed its an estimate of what it will do but because it is a piece of unsafe, dangerous crap it has not exceeded 189 mph if it tries to go higher it will nearly kill the driver so the top speed has not really been tested they stuff a lot of crap inside the engine. on the other hand the dauer is safe, has better handling, and is still the fastest car!

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    Shut up you twat, the Veyron is in production, and it beat the Dauer both in top speed and in 0-60
  5. the official top speed of the mclaren is not 204 mph!!!!! hell no thats gay! its 391 kph, where did you get 204

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    Peelp50 why didn't you just leave well enough alone...quite frankly when I speak I know the answers before they are asked. If you will add up the numbers I gave you both you will get 106 F1's made....also you said there is a difference between the F1 and the LM, what you really meant was that there is a difference between the road going F1's and the race versions both short endurance and long endurance racers. But if you did your reseacrh a little deeper you would have found that Ayrton Senna drove the first F1, then they built 5 more prototypes and then went into the 100 production cars you think you know about!!! There were 106 F1's made there were 64 production road cars, 6 pre-production and 36 race only F1's made for a grand total of 106 F1's. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you scratched the surface of the research and were not aware of being wrong....but if someone finally gives you a break down of all the numbers, dig a little deeper and get it right before you make everyone think you are actually even younger than 16 years old. BYW, 16 is still a kid!!! You can't vote, drop out, smoke, drink or even get married in 46 of the 50 states, that makes you a kid by definition. No disrespect but don't get so defensive, I do appreciate your defense of the F1, but it's record was a touch over 230 mph un-officially and only 204 mph officially (they test the average speed while on a banked track for 0.6 miles and that's the record for the fastest production car in the world....do NOT let this keep you from the knowledge that Mario took it to 238 mph, or that it's been clocked at 240+ mph in a straight away because it has. But to keep the record it would have to apply for it again because the Koenisegg CCR just officially got the speed averaged at 242+ mph around the official speed track. Also, there are plenty of cars that can hit a faster straight away speed than 242 mph given the right set of circumstances, but they can't do it under the pressure of setting a world record!!! It also needs to be in the production run to count....remember the pagani zonda has tried for a speed record but it was during a rain and they couldn't get over 200mph. As for the fastest 0 to 60 time for a production car, Michael Schumacher's Bugatti EB 110 SS has been clocked at 3.16 seconds for that heavy weight title....that's 2/100ths of a second quicker than the official McLaren F1 0 to 60 time of 3.18!!! If you talk with Bruce Canepa you will find there are fewer cars that can out perform the Bugatti EB110 SS, it only does 220 mph, but it's planted. As far as the fastest car from 100 to 200 mph no one has mentioned the Norwood Testarossa which has 1183 horsepower to the road!!! It can accelerate faster from 100-200 than it can 0-100!!! It can get there in under 19 seconds with a 0-60 time of over 5 seconds, now that's fast!!! It only takes another 3.6 seconds to reach 100mph, and then another 8 seconds to reach 200mph. It's top speed is only 208 mph because of drag and weight. So the fastest car is always a question of how you define "fast" I believe there is no "fastest" car in the world unless you can dominate every aspect of fast. 0-60, quarter mile, 60-80, 100-200, speed around the speed oval, straight line speed and the standing mile. I would also put in the figure 8 just for good measure. If you grade each section from 1-10 I believe the Bugatti would be close to the tops, as well as the newest S7 (remember it has enough down force at 160 mph to drive upside down if it wanted to)!!! Anyway there's my book for you, do with it what you will, but remember you will not find holes in my speach so it's you who must be leaking!!! Peace, Fox
  6. the dauer is more expensive than the mclaren which is $1,200,000 and the mclaren is the fastest production car in the world 391 kph, how fast does the schuppan go, and how many are there is it rarer than the McLaren F1 GT! only 3 were made!

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    "64 f1s have been sold. that should also tell you something." All that tells me and anyone who can think for themselves and has a higher iq then you is that more then 50 rich people who wanted to waiste 1 million $ on a slow overpriced car bought a Mclaren F1, when if they had been somewhat smart they would have paid $700,000 - $865,000 for a Dauer and would now own the fastest street legal production car in the world. Heck they could have even bought a Schuppan 962 CR LM for cheaper then the Mclaren and they would then own a car which is faster then the Mclaren but not as fast as the Dauer and would be rarer then the Mclaren and the Dauer.
  7. how is the Dauer more expensive when it costs 1.1 million and a pre-owned F1 still 1.2 million ?! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. no i meant the dauer is $1,200,000, the McLaren F1 is $1,000,000
  9. Dauer is 1.1 million and not 1.2
  10. in the forum it says 1.2 million
  11. True, I just checked and your right, somewhy I thought the Schuppan was worth 2.5m

    And I disagree with the Veyron being a piece of crap.
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    Those numbers you got there are outdated, the Veyron set the 0-60 reccord at 2.5 seconds, and as for the top speed, let me quote Jeremy Clarkson when he test drove it.

    "When driving at 180mph in the Veyron, not only can you have a conversation on your cellphone, but you can DIAL it."

    Of course the Veyron is unstable at 250mph, and so is the Dauer, no road legal car can possibly keep a good stability at such speed, anything above 220mph will become slippery like ice. However, the Veyron DID beat the Dauer in top speed, it didnt "crush" the old reccord, but it did beat it.
  13. im just not sure of its unsafetyness but of its engine a top speed like that is possible
  14. im just not sure of its unsafetyness but because of its engine a top speed like that is possible
  15. Correction, the last Schuppan sold for 2.5 million.
  16. doesn't the price of the mclaren go up as time goes by anyway
  17. Just as every classic does.

    the old Corvettes do as well, with every Ferrari prior to the F355. And the Enzo.
  18. Divenrage have you personally test driven the 16/4 and the 962? I don't think so. So as to where you know whether either 1 is stable at that speed you actually have no idea, you are assuming once again. I recall the veyron 16/4 being tested for its topspeed on a 1/4 mile track, while the 962 was not. Yeah it must be really hard to keep a car going straight on a 1/4 mile track.....

    Last time I checked the 16/4 managed to beat the supposed topspeed of the 962 by 2.5 mph, not only is that not a feat, nor impressive but that is quite pathetic. Keep in mind that when the driver of the 962 reached 251.25 mph the 962 was not maxxed out, the driver had 1 more gear to go through and another 1500-2450 rpm. The supposed topspeed of the 962 isn't known because their wasn't a long enough straightaway on the track to attain the actual topspeed (the 16/4 was tested on a 1/4 mile straight track, the 962 was tested on the same course the mclaren was), therefore since the 962 was not tested on a 1/4 mile track like the 16/4 was there is no possible way for the 16/4 to have beaten the 962's topspeed. When someone get's jochen dauer (spelling of his last name might be wrong as it is late here and i am tired) to test the 962 on the same 1/4 mile track the 16/4 was tested on and the actual topspeed of the 962 is known, then you can go on and on rambling about how the 16/4 is such a great car, however until the actual topspeed of the 962 is known, do me and everyone a favor and just stfu with the topspeed bullshit, because you do not have all the facts as usual.

    You stated the following earlier on in this topic

    "1. To be considered a production car, at least 25 must be sold to the public. The F1 sold around 50, the 962 sold only 13. Which means the 962 LM is not a production car."

    I recently checked Bugatti's site as well as e-mailing them and not only has Bugatti NOT produced 25 16/4's but Bugatti hasn't even produced 6. Therefore by you're own meaning the Bugatti is not considered a production car. Hopefully if their site is fully working, and they respond to my e-mail they will tell me the exact number of 16/4's produced.

    "3A. The Dauer 962 LM wasnt "Designed for the road", it's a modified Porsche 962, which was build entirely for track use."

    Yes the 962 is a track car which has been modified, but it was modified to be used on the street as a daily driver. That being said it has been designed and built for the street.

    "3B. Shut up you twat, the Veyron is in production, and it beat the Dauer both in top speed and in 0-60."

    Don't start with the name calling again, if you choose to go that route then that just proves you have already lost the disagreement, and couldn't think of anything intelligent to type. As I have told you before noone knows the actual topspeed of the 962 because the 962 wasn't tested on a 1/4 mile track like the 16/4 was. Also the only actual figures showing the 16/4's 0-60 are on the bugatti website and other websites with articles about the 16/4, there is no proof of the 16/4 reaching that 0-60 the only proof which has been provided were pictures and an article of the 16/4 doing a topspeed run on a 1/4 mile track, with a picture that only showed the topspeed in km/h. So once again as I have told you many times in the past, before you choose to start spewing you're non factual assumptions on these forums, stop being lazy and actually attempt to post the so called proof. If you choose to wait another year and a half for a person who isn't involved in this conversation to post the proof for you (like what happened before on another topic) because you were too lazy to find the proof, then do everyone a favor and just stop posting on this forum all together.

  19. I'm not even going to bother replying. Check that 12 years thread to see my answer to this.

    You fail.
  20. It must really suck and make you feel like an idiot when someone says the truth on a forum where you DivineRage spout nothing but useless, factless bullshit. Do me a favor and don't post anything again in the future. If noone beleives me look at countless threads in the past where Diving rage and others posted false information, when the real information was provided by myself and others, they didn't say something like "ok my bad I should do better research next time" they decided to fling insults in my direction, because they were too lazy to find the real information in the first place.

    Awww look divinerage the very person I spoke of above has come to defend you, how cute. Maybe you two can get married and have the stupidest children in the world, as if 1 mpg isn't enough.
  21. You have no idea how many people you're entertaining.
  22. Haha, seriously.
  23. um, ya, they never got up to 250MPG, because if they did the speed record wouldnt be in the mid-240s set by the CCR, and thus the Veyon still has to prove that it really is faster than the dauer.
    Your right though in saying that its .1 seconds faster that the Dauer.
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