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    I would get a Ferrari FF. I can use it everyday carry 3 friends plus golf clubs in and goes like a rocket.

  2. $1m doesnt buy shit anymore. Maybe a Daytona.
  3. $1m doesnt buy shit anymore. Maybe a Daytona.
  4. theres stuff out there its just not the stuff you'd think about normally.

    I'd probably go something from either the early 90's (XJ220/EB110) or one of the newly worth a shit load cars (E types/930s)

    probably the best way to do this currently is to look for a 964 or 993 turbo (or 993 GT2) as those should go shooting up in about the next 5 years

    EDIT: come to think of it probably an Alfa Montreal
  5. 964 Turbos are $250k and up. Love them but not worth it imo. Same for Montreals..a nice one will be $150k...it's insane.
  6. for now they're insane. there may be a bit of a lul in prices when the earlier stuff goes up. now might be the time to buy them on "the cheap"
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    Id go to some of forthcoming auctions and place that Million in roughly this order.

    Porsche 904, since the 250LM is ten times more...

    Ferrari F40, Id ruin the as new status by taking it for daily use. Im assuming here I had wealth to do this.

    GT40, this would require becoming american.

    Lambo Countach, never seen in this color, awesome. Also since the above bids are lowish, I would end up with this one...
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    Porsche looks good.. Lamborghini seems overpriced
  9. I'd turn that $1m into $3m and get the One:1 in bare carbon
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    That one has been for sale for absolutely ages. Look at the state of that front splitter! More pics on Pistonheads show that it's not in as nice condition as you'd want it. The interior/dashboard and engine bay are pretty rough.


    Here's a *much* nicer one that went to auction earlier this year. Highest bid $400k

  13. come to think of it there is a cheap(ish) car for sale right now that'll probably be worth a bit in about 30ish years time.

    a blue 996 turbo (sort of the same colour as the one in the movie cars).
  14. Lets talk about newish cars that will gain value in a few years

    BMW 1M Coupe
    Last gen Shelby GT500 (last one before Shelby died)
    Ford GT (already gaining value)
    C4 Corvette ZR1
    Mazda RX7 Turbo from the 90s
  15. Good call on the 1M.
  16. Even more in America. Only 250 were delivered and it's a proper M car, maybe the last proper M ever produced since everything is getting less and less mechanical and disconnected with electronics
  17. GT40 Mk I
  18. 997 GT3 RS 4.0
  19. I can't even begin to imagine what these will be worth in 20 years.
  20. dark blue HWA G73 6x6
  21. i dont know of any recent car to pick up in value like that.

    MAYBE that recent Zagato Aston Martin Vantage???

    Maybe one of the 6 Murcielago SVs with the 6 speed manual?

    Original Telsa Roadster might be worth a nice buck.

    I also really like the Ferrari 360 CS, last Challenge model to get a 6 Speed.

    This new Alfa 4C is my guess for good future investment too.
  22. S65 AMG Sedan $236,202 in Palladium Silver Metallic


    911 GT3 $162,290 in Guards Red


    Save the rest.

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