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  1. The 1:1 is $3m? LOL.
  2. I'm almost completely sure that the 360CS only came with the F1 gearbox.
  3. those are all alright ideas (minus the tesla)

    though I think for the future of "collector" cars you have to look at what cars are popular with younger kids. I seriously think pretty much anything in the movie Cars or possible the Fast and Furious movies will probably have a decent shot at being the next collector cars for the current "younger" generation.
  4. The new Ford GT for sure.
  5. yes, not surprising for a car of such aesthetic perfection and unrivalled performance.
  6. *NSX
  7. If we are not limited to new cars, I would get a 1969 Corvette Stingray, or a 1932 Ford Highboy roadster
  8. Porsche 918 or 959 S
  9. something cheap from italy or france
    and then 2 years of maintenance
  10. I still want a Venturi
  11. yes, or a generation before that, the A310
  12. very much agreed
  13. Shelby CV525 + Armenian Muscle Car

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