10 liters? I almost shit myself!

Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang Boss 10.0L Concept' started by YOURCARSUCKS, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. a honda couldnt handle a 10.0L.besides,hondas have NO torque.theyre just for street racers that are saving up for a camaro or mustang
  2. This is the reason ford is the best and the great thing is that's its NA. Just to show how big ford ball are!
  3. Is this serious?
  4. Correct, it's actually the engine that produces torque, not the company Honda. And inline fours have torque, you just have to keep them boiling, something a muscle car owner would be unfamiliar with, because the engine will break if you happen to go above the 6000 rpm redline. And this 10.0 L engine only makes less than 900 hp? Those turbo BMWs could get 1,300 hp out of 1.5 L with 80 pounds of boost (in the '80s!), so if you go by that figure, this engine properly engineered would make 8,666.66 horsepower, over Top Fuel levels!

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