10 policies you would make if you were the president

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    Here’s mine

    1. No guns it just makes sense

    2.No wars or arms sales- the military budget would be put into healthcare and medical research.

    3. Education. The student would choose from a young age what they wanted to learn about not what they are told to learn also they would not be forced to go to school.

    1. All transport would be autonomous to reduce deaths and injuries from accidents.
    2. Political agenda would be focused on survival so everything would be about safety, health, environmental protection and serious threats like asteroids.
    3. Foreign policy would be focused on creating a one nation world to end conflict.
    4. The transport system would be free enabling to the whole population to move about their world. It would all be solar powered and would eventually pay for its own build cost.
    5. Robots would build or create everything we needed or wanted like food and buildings or machines so people would not need to work as much if at all.
    6. The People would vote on all policies and changes to their communities.
    7. Some drugs would be legalized for peoples wellness and emotional happiness and to bring optimism and serenity to peoples lives.
    Numbers are messed up but there are 10

    Thanks for reading
  2. Numbers one and two aren't part of the President's mandate, and numbers three, four, seven, and nine aren't even part of the federal mandate.
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  3. Lol well it would be some kind of revolution then
  4. 1-10. Put all government spending into the military and take over your country as it has no effective military and take your robots and healthcare.
  5. 1. Ban Islam
    2. Death Penalty
    3. Lower taxes on cars
    4. Build more nuclear plants instead of shitty windmills and solar panels
    5. Immigration only possible if you can contribute to society(no education, no entry)
    6. Immigrants committing a crime will get send home
    7. Make healthcare more affordable
    8. Stimulate men to become teacher
    9. More democracy(referenda, being able to chose the prime minister, being able to chose a mayor)
    10. Legalising Weed
  6. 420blazeit6969
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  7. 1.kill bad guys
    2. Freedom
    3. Freedom
    5.Bald Eagle
    6. Kill bad guys with guns
    7. Freedom
    8. Freedom
    9. Freedom
    10. Freedom with Guns and Bald Eagles
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  8. LOL'ed at the building robots to do everything for us so we don't have to work anymore
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  9. If Europe wants less immigrants, they should promote sex.
  10. 11. End up with a revolution/civil war because your people are fed up with financing a bloated/corrupt military cleptocracy

    12. Become a shithole country
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  12. Lol
    10a. Ban civilian gun ownership.
    10b. Turn confiscated robots into police to wipe out any fascist anti-government protests.
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  13. There's too many people here already.
  14. this thread is what you come back to respond to
  15. robocop was a prophecy of a future utopia :D
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  16. w00t's "Get off my Lawn" agenda
  17. whats so crazy about this just teach the robots to build robots
    and build video games so we have something to do when we not working
  18. *sensible
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  19. why not
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  20. You either grow or kill the elderly. It's economy.
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  21. 13. Mandatory sc.net membership.
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  22. The only reason our population grows is immigration. Otherwise it would shrink.
  23. Build that wall!
  24. You have to keep it growing in order to pay for people's pensions.
  25. True. That's the problem. Most of the immigrants coming here come from Africa, where they had little to no education and they like to come here to leech on social benefits. They don't have to work, so they don't really contribute anything to society.

    I don't mind immigrants coming here, but they should contribute. I rather have hard working asians then some somalians or eritreans who sleep all day.

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