10 policies you would make if you were the president

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  1. Israeli soldiers barely get paid. It's more of an allowance and most of them rely on their parents during those 3 years. Then again, they do get fed, and they get a roof over their head when needed.
    There have been a lot of talks about switching to a professional army. Not sure if that's a cheaper option, but currently there's a lot of hidden unemployment in the IDF, which often looks bad.
    But still, taking all of that into account, I think the effect on society is worth it.
  2. Perhaps
  3. Theirs are mostly muscle. Yours are all blubber and fat.
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    Where are we going to get money to survive when we are not working?

    Yes, I'm sure the benevolent governments and benevolent corporations will gives us a few pennies every month as "universal basic income", or have the mercy and compassion to spare us a few crumbs of bread when we have no money to buy food.

    Have fun making a few dimes when over 90% of people are doing the same thing as you: selling video games or drugs. People without jobs are not going to buy your video games because they don't have money.

    Or maybe you are born in a wealthy family, your parents own a large corporation where all of their employees are robots. Everyday you take a drive in your fancy 300mph hypercar, you gloat and laugh at the starving people without salary because there are no more jobs for humans.

    Or maybe you are a software engineer working on one of a few IT jobs still available to humans, but you need to work 21 hours a day, because if you couldn't handle the stress, there are at least 1 million applicants who are ready to take over your job once you collapse mentally and physically.
  5. Have a Hunger Games tournament, of course.
  6. why wouldnt we have work
    the robots will need us to serve them in their restaurants, massage them, lube their joints, service their ports
    and we will be well compensated by our new overlords, I can assure you!
    I will try to be born to a welathy family, if not robot servicer is a fine profession
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  7. The first decree is to legalize marijuana.
    The tyranny and the bullshit's gone on too long.
    You old fuckin' shrivs who blocked it's legalization,
    you're banished from the land!

    The second decree: no more pollution, no more car exhaust,
    or ocean dumpage. From now on, we will travel in tubes!

    Third decree: no more... rich people: and poor people.
    From now on, we will all be the same... ummm, I dunno,
    I gotta think about that...
  8. 1) death penalty for anyone financing and supporting radical islamism, radical terrorism, child pornography, human trafficking and drug trafficking
    2) ban of islam
    3) gun permit for self defense and armed militias in rural areas
    4) legalized prostitution
    5) mandatory id for voting
    6) no social housing , no social security and no healthcare for unwilling to work ghetto trash tugs and illegals
    7) make high speed transportation whether by train or aircraft a priority
    8) renew the highways and electricity network infrastructure
    9) keep a budget for science, medical research and medicine
    10) teach patriotism in schools
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  9. When would National Split Roast a Slurry Day be?
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  10. state mandated indoctrination, you mean?
  11. mandatory gun ownership
    mandatory duel-sidearm training
    mandatory bear fighting training
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  12. I wouldn't speak of indoctrination, here. Singing the national anthem, respecting the flag, respecting the veterans who sacrificed their lives during wars or those who came back and who were almost ignored by the government. It is also teaching children history of WWI,WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Six Day wars, Iran-Irak war, Aghanistan War with the russians, 1st Gulf war, the fiasco of Mogadiscio, the Serbian-Croatian war, 11th September 2001, 2nd Gulf war and the War in Afganistan. It is also teaching them who were the great generals, the great aces and great soldiers who either selflessly sacrificed themsleves or those who proved their courage by going far beyond their duty call during a war.
  13. Why not the Algerian War?
  14. The Algerian war has been a fiasco and sadly the French haven't learned the lesson till today. And it was slightly less important than the Vietnam or the Korean wars in my opinion. The problem is that most teachers in France are mostly leftist socialist antipatriotic people and if you are going to teach the Algerian war in schools, you might encounter some serious problems. People from the worst neighborhoods will label you as racist or anti muslim and will attempt on your life.Some people don't even remember who Charles Martel was... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Martel Also very few people remember that Mitterand was a sell out during WWII. I am sorry to say this but Americans are way much more patriotic than we Europeans. Sadly, open frontiers have never been a good thing, very strict and thorough controlled immigration always was a good thing.
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  15. What would cramming the kids' heads full of war history actually achieve?
  16. I agree. Most Germans here are not patriotic at all, and they should focus more on the great achievements of Bismarck, Ludendorff and Hitler.
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  17. That victory and survival of a nation in tough times are based on courage, determination as well as unshakeable and unalterable love for their country, its values and their flag, this is what it would teach them. Leftism and socialism have never brought anything positive in Europe.
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  18. You can teach courage and determination through many other activities. Sport, for example.

    I'm still confused why overt patriotism would be of benefit, though.
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  19. That’s at least a weekend bender. You can’t fit that much fun in a single day
  20. 4) legalized prostitution

    snuck that one in there, burying the lede
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  21. I believe it's to teach pride in one's country. Typically those that take pride in something will take better care of it.
    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what something something.
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  22. Patriotism is handy in times of war. Never saw war and think it's unnecessary? Congrats, you're probably an historical anomaly.
    Bonus: it's also pretty good at helping immigrants assimilate.
  23. Yeah, like Hitler Jugend. Those guys took the patriotism to the next level! After that kind of indoctrination you won't hesitate to shoot a few thousand civilians for the greater good of your country!

    That's why when they showed up, Charles De Gaulle fled to the UK like the little ***** he was.
  24. The finns were good friends of the Germans during WWII. There were also Finns in the SS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_SS_Panzer_Division_Wiking and https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/10/...-participated-in-killing-of-jews-in-wwii.html. Remember your past before reminding someone theirs.

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