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  1. I know. I didn't skip all the lessons at school, and I have a basic grasp of the history of the country that issued my passport.

    The whole Finnish SS-discussion was revived last year. Most of the research about the subject has been based on a small number publications of 60's era apology literature strongly linked to SS-veterans' association. There's plenty of evidence that Finnish SS-troops witnessed mass executions of non-combatants, and one doesn't need a whole lot of common sense to conclude that some of them most likely participated in the murdering of civilians.

    However, nationalist elements in Finland want to suppress any discussion about past war crimes because they think that addressing reality might be harmful to their agenda. Some members of a certain right-wing party went as far as to demand financial cuts to the university department conducting research about the SS-past.

    Here's a picture of a Finnish SS-volunteer:


    Oh wait

    You guys got your whole own division!
  2. Do you ever think that it's just that people are fucked up naturally and a large portion of them would have no qualms with killing for the sake of killing. And, it's just a reason they use to allow them to do it? Slaughtering innocent people has gone on since humans existed in groups.
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  3. Lol what's with that random guy crouched at the bottom?
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    I am well aware about the SS Charlemagne Division
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/33rd_Waffen_Grenadier_Division_of_the_SS_Charlemagne_(1st_French) It would have been preferable if the ones who volunteered in that division would have been shot in the head and hung on the public place. Most the french teachers in school don't even know about this division and neither do they remember or know that more that 4 millions denunciation letters were sent to report Jews, Gipsyes and resistants to the French police who back during WW2 was more than fully cooperative with the Gestapo and the Waffen SS.

    Some people like those former Waffen SS finnish members can't even look themselves in the mirror. So in order to have to get the truth hushed up, I am not astonished that they asked the University to cut the funds when it comes to reveal their disgusting past.
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  5. A Jew attempting to hide
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  6. This is exactly the reasoning you used to support nationalism a second a second ago. You just have to interpret "take better care of it" as "do anything you perceive as beneficial" like say, genocide or war crimes or whatever

    Tribalism is ingrained into humans for evolutionary reasons, and you will do things to fit in or serve your greater cause that you wouldn't do without that pressure/influence
  7. I was actually going a little darker with it. I meant, are there a bunch of people who would want to kill someone just to kill?
    Wiping out "the enemy" in combat is much different than seeing a Jew kid in the street, beating him, then setting him on fire.
    Hiroshima was to stop from having more of our people killed. Rounding up civilians, taking them by trains to be gassed takes a certain kind of craziness.
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  8. Antisemitism has always been present whether it was in France, Germany Poland, Finland, Sweden, Austria same comment for the baltic republics. Also when the worldwide economy goes bad, Jews are often and unfairly blamed.,
  9. it's been covered numerous times by now, it doesn't REALLY take a crazy person if the people feel like they are just part of an org/movement/gang/team/nation

    Are there crzy people who just want to kill? Absolutely and theyre attracted to those kind of opportunities/jobs most likely. But that's not a lot of people

    The banality of evil. Just going their jobs, thinking it's the right thing. People who are doing evil shit don't think they are supervillains and getting off on it, for the most part. They think they are doing the right thing. Nationalism and tribalism are things that are used cynically all the time
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