100% JDM Vork racing wheels

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Spyder757, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Awesome. Would go great on a certain Toyota SUV.
  2. Sweet. Ravs, Vork.
  3. those looks sweet.
  4. The white ones on a white NSX-R would be nothing short of orgasmic.
  5. China has stepped up the game...
  6. If you stuck those on an NSX-R i'd probably kick you in the nuts
  7. I like how this is totally lost on 80% of the people replying.
  8. Yeah... I didn't realize that they were ripoffs.. I thought 'Vork' was a typo. I can't say I blame you.
  9. Actually is not just china, but also Taiwan. Taiwan wheels are much better than china. It cost 1/3 price the Japanese wheels, although they are replica.
  10. Oh wow! I've never seen fake wheels before.
  11. I don't know that I've ever seen them with knock-off stickers before.
  12. but how much compared to the originals?
  13. They look like lower than Rota quality so I'm guessing a set would be around $500 - $700

    The real deal are in the $2800 - $3300 range

  14. hate universals.
  15. Wheels are NOT worth $3k. The originals are rotary forged, these are probably cast. I doubt most people could tell the difference.
  16. STFU
  17. I bet you have shitty chrome Z Racing wheels on your Camaro

    Be honest.
  18. How about you're an idiot?
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  20. How about just because you're a cheapass doesn't mean good wheels aren't worth $3,000?
  21. I'm not a cheapass I just don't see spending that kind of money on wheels, when it can be spent better elsewhere.
  22. Better IN YOUR OPINION. I wouldn't buy $3,000 wheels for an F-body either, mind you. Not that I would drive an F-body.
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