1000 years of European borders change

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  1. +1 would watch again

    Germany was such a cluster#$%# for so long
  2. nice video
  3. "Republic of Novgorod"

    sounds like a deathmetal band
  4. euros are so mean to each other.
  5. 10/10 will watch again when Crimea is reflected as part of Russia
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  8. Must learn more about Ottoman Empire
  9. And Poland/Lithuania
  10. poland is pretty good if you're going for a cultural victory
  11. It's funny how it always feels like things will forever stay the way they are because we think we have stability.
  12. Victories other than military just feel so hollow. All that buildup and hours of time all leading to a little message saying "congrats you win"

    So anticlimactic
  13. The history of the Caucasus region is most interesting to me, mainly because of how there are so many ethnicities in a relatively small area. How did that happen...?

    There's a good deal of early European history, mainly the time between the fall of the Roman empire and later middle ages, that isn't really explored in depth in American history classrooms, at least not the history classes I took (in first and second year of high school/secondary school we take Global I and Global II which are supposed to encompass everything from Mesopotamia through the end of World War II, so you can imagine that a good deal of history gets glossed over) so I always love looking at old maps from that time or even after that time. This video was very enlightening, thank you.
  14. This is why Ukraine, and many cultures in the world don't matter anymore.

    The human condition is to take, adapt, learn and move on. Empires rise and fall, and the people that learn and move on will survive.

    I just had a huge discussion about Aboriginal rights in Canada, and how that culture has been dead for years, and its time to move on.

    I kinda came off like an asshole, but really, if my great grandchildren are speaking Punjabi, or Cantonese... I don't care. Just as long as they are not complaining like a lot of youth is today about how much government sucks, or how corporations are bad.

  15. Probably because you actually are an asshole
  17. Meanwhile over on MSNBC...
  18. lol
  19. My aunt and social studies/history teacher mom shared that on facebook. I was cheering for France because I'm a French speaking Canadian of French decent. I was like "AAAAAH!" around 1940. It's nice that we have Bugatti.
  20. Czechoslovakia.
  21. The greatest country in the world. All other countries run by little girls.
  22. They had style.
  23. Jesus, how the **** does that even happen?
  24. American Media, lol.


    yet people actually in Ukraine... 'hey finally Russia is back to save us from this shit-hole'

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