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  1. my miles stone has been reach
    thank you all for your participation in my celebration thread
    it only took 10 years thats avg of 1000 posts per year
    i make wheelman look like a #$%#ing loser because my life is so full
    im the least cranky virigin
  2. how do you stand on the wall like that
  3. LS1 #%$got
  4. wait something does not
  5. Smoking doesn't give you muscles.
  6. omg what a waste of a 'preme sticker
  7. Youre so skinny it hurts my eyes
  8. wait is that skinnytick
    this explains the drugs
  9. cigarette smoke can wrip a condom apart, especially a small sized one
  10. Pick yourself up, boy! Place looks like a mess.
  11. you tell him stangman

    i bet young seb would never be such a slob
  12. Young seb sounds like a good rapper name right stangman
  13. Holy shit!
  14. psh i have so many damn Preme stickers

    and yeah the place is a mess but it's just all clothes/swag & headlamps/squirt guns
  15. wait, what do I have to do with this? I am confuse.
  16. He's on a never ending quest to show you he's cool
  17. Sounds extra-virginal
  18. my pen is touched vag lips once
    didnt get inside though but maybe when i get her drunk i'll get the tip in
  19. hey
    hey paul
    do that thign you do!

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