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    Yes and No. It was an R33 first off that made the 7:59 run. Second, the car itself was completely stock parts. Nissan (on their website for GTR sales!) stated they had only 1)increased the boost to 1.1bar 2) removed the speed limiter (set at 180kph) 3) and made adjustments to the SuperHicas system to run specifically on that track. The car except for these three ADJUSTMENTS was otherwise stock.
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    oh yeah the guy who said it would be undriveable....... u should see how fat the tyres of these 1000bhp+ skylines have! i mean, this is the japanese man!!!! they have technology beyond any one else in the world!!
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    that isnt amaxing you idiot, on fast and the furious 2 the skyline will have 1350 hp
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    i heard the skyline got banned from the procar circuit back in the days of the r32 gt-r, because it was too fast and left no competition. actually the r32 was banned from the jgtc before they introduced new power regulations, because there were 7 r32's in it, they got 1st-7th in EVERY race all the way through to the finals, the 7th car being laps ahead of the 8th. though this may not be jgtc but the stock racing version of it, i think its a race lead up to the jgtc
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    The R32 is the reason Toyota got off their ass and rebuilt the Supra. It was also banned from Bathhurst because it kept beating up the V8`s down there.
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    Ofcourse you can tune a skyline 6 cylinder engine to that much power!!
    I own a -93 R 33 Skyline myself. All I did was change the computer and the car gave almost 400 hp just off that! Now, with two Garrett T04 "fans" and an intercooler from a -96 Scania truck (!) Cut down to fit my front end.
    With those modifications it produces around 690-750 depending on what turbo pressure i crank it up to.
    So.. It isn't unusual to get over 1000 hp in that six cylinder..

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    Damn...you must have some serious connections since they didn't make the R33 body style until 94 (in the GTS) and 95 in the GTR. You sure as hell didn't make 400HP with a chip in a GTS-25T.

    Didn't make any other modifications? You aren't going to last very long....especially one in particular...
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    Err... the Dahlback Golf RSi costed something like 3.000.000FIM. That's roughly 300.000 pounds.

    And there is atleast one Skyline measured with over 1000kw of the wheels. They got "only" that much because of massive wheelspin. Go to www.exvitermini.com
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    mate the fastest skyline in terms of top speed does 383.3km/h, and a skyline does o-100 in 4.5 stock. also there is no way it accelerates the first 100km in 4.5s, but only takes 3 secs for the next 100km

    there are also plenty of skylines puttting out a lot more than 900hp, i.e the exvitermini.com GTR 700 which put out 1000kw at the wheels despite massive wheelspin, which equates to about 1350hp at the wheels, or a shitload at the crank.

    all in all mate, your an idiot
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    On some website, I cant remeber exactly it was a claimed 4 seconds. Go to google and type in 400R its like Jbskylines.etc...
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    ummmm.... NO! It has like 272kW, which is like 362hp approx. (dunno if thats at the wheels or the crank) Either way thats less than the 400r.
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    The 2F2F R34 had about 600-650hp with nitrous oxide.
  13. Yeah, well, I've seen this or that car that has 1000 horsepower!

    ...getting very old.
  14. But then you would have a 1100 hp Skyline, not an exclusive work of art like the Mclaren.
  15. hey... 1360 hp and 215mph?

    vectror w8 can reach that with half the bhp.

    but i never saw it, so maybe its top speed isn't the best because it is made to accelerate...

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