110K for a GT500

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  2. That's so horrible. I seriously hope no one is dumb enough to buy it for that much. Especially when you can get them all day long on ebay for 50-60 something. Personally I'd just wait until the whole thing cooled down anyway so as to avoid paying 10s of thousands of dollars extra.
  3. see!! I told you that they were trying to sell it for over 100k! But then why on the Web site does it say around 42.000??
  4. Because this is an idiot dealer trying to totally rape someone who is a bigger idiot than he is. It is a new car that just came out and is being sold for more than it's sticker. But as I stated most dealers are only charging 5x-6x thousand for them even with a mark up. Hence this is retarded.
  5. so true but wouldn't that be considered false advertisement?
  6. No. Because that is its Suggested Retail Price. Companies are allowed to resell things for whatever they want. In some cases companies are contractually obligated to not sell things for more than their SRP, but I don't think that is how it is with car companies for obvious reasons.

    BUT if a dealership ran ads saying they were selling them at SRP and then all the ones they had were marked way up and they never had any at SRP then that would be false advertisement. But even if they had one available at SRP at the time of running the ad and the ad said that we have A Shelby GT500 at SRP that would still be legal. Places do that sort of thing to be shifty and draw people in all the time.
  7. That has to be a typo, our first GT500 window sticker said it was $26000.00, which was obviously wrong.
  8. They probably took some of the superchargers off.
  9. #$%#ing greedy ford dealers.
  10. if i was at that dealer i would punch their owner in the face
  11. That's worse then the Z06 when I came out.
  12. They had four, so why not?
  13. Someone has to pay for all 4 of those superchargers.
  14. It says Shelby GT on the sticker.
  15. I wouldn't pay 100k for 2007 GT500, however if it was a 1967 GT500 then I would buy for that price if I were rich.
  16. when The Star's motoring section first listed possible/potential prices for these in SA, they said it would probably cost us 400000 rands, ie 50000 $. messed up...
  17. You sure it's a GT500? Maybe it's the first "Shelby GT" off the line.
  18. its a shelby gt500. it says it right on the tag.
  19. So, you haven't even looked at the sticker, have you?
  20. what else would it be you idiot
  21. On autotrader.ca there was a Shelby GT500 for sale that was just called a Shelby GT.
  22. The new Shelby GT. They're only making three dozen of them. You haven't heard of it? The GT500 is the one with four superchargers, like you were talking about in that other thread. The Shelby GT is the one with eight. It has 750hp instead of the 500 that the GT500 has. That's why it's so much more expensive than the regular GT500.
  23. f you look on ford there is only one kind of Shelby. its the GT500. So what else would I need to look at. The dealers asking price? I saw that. Its way over the true value of the car. So what do you want me to look at??

  24. whre are on there web site are they showing that? I am trying to see what you are talking about bucknutz. Where did you go to see that?
  25. They don't talk about it on the Ford site because it's still a concept-type of thing. It's like the Corvette Blue Devil, only with more superchargers. It hasn't officially been released yet, so they don't put anything on the Ford website. The dealer probably just has some kind of presale-type of thing going. The real car hasn't been released yet. They're really trying to keep it a secret, so you will probably have a tough time finding information about it online. The only reason that I know about it is because a guy I know who is good friends with Carroll Shelby told me about it.

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