12 Bumblebee in our lot !

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by arnulfoes, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. I ordered 2 months ago ... finally we got It 6 speed man !!
  2. Everything in that car is 10% bigger than it needs to be.

    But they do look pretty nice though.
  3. i call them and the new challengers crossovers. biggest #$%#ing sports cars i've ever seen. way too tall especially.
  4. If you're a short person, the side windows are really just extra ways to look at the sky. the sills are so #$%#ing tall.
  5. i'm not a short person, and while i agree it's large for a sportscar, it's one i can properly see out of. i can hardly see shit out of most sports coupes. even some everyday compacts struggle with this. my pop's kia is awful for visability. my zuka is great, its got huge window space and mirrors that could do fine on a light truck.
  6. juvenile car

    at least you got the manual
  7. you'll have the porsche 911 in silver probably.
  8. true that, i drove one that some c-list nfl player owns (frank walker) that was all niggered out with the seat way back. felt like a little kid.
  9. The Camaro has the worst visibility compared to other coupes.
  10. something about this car's visibility
  11. its suhc a fat pos

  12. lol
  13. fat maybe, looks pretty badass irl though. i've only seen 2 so far lol.
  14. I see them everywhere

    the Camaro was always cheap garbage but now it's more expensive garbage

    at least the Mustang is still cheap garbage and probably the better car
  15. um wtf is that a AM/FM radio?
    where is the entertanment system / satnav? why is there an oil gauge in the ash tray?
    um haha
    nice try tho i guess..
  16. yes I would. Miles more understated and classy
  17. AM/FM radio is fine?
    No need for nav, unless you're always lost.
    Gauges was there in the 1st gen model.
  18. Passed one the other dead that was Redskins themed, complete with matching piss yellow 24" wheels.
  19. this car isa piece of shit. who cares?

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