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Discussion in '1994 Dauer 962 Le Mans' started by jinx, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Dont you think its funny that its taken a car company (Bugatti) 12 Years to make a faster car.
  2. I find it funny that after 13 years this thing still hasnt reached a production of 25. Or barely half of that for that matter.

  3. Yeah i think that is pretty damn hilarious, i also find it funny that in the time bugatti spent designing, producing, testing and tuning the very few 16/4's they have built they have gone through bankruptcy 2 times, gone through quite a few designers and builders, and succeeded in almost killing 4 test drivers.

    Divinerage do you have any idea of the amount of money jochen has made from the 962's he has built and sold? Do you have any clue how much money it would take to build 25 or more 962's? He would either have to build, design, or buy a robotics plant to make those cars, or he would have to hire hundreds of people to make them for him, and the last time I checked rich, uptight people want to buy the most expensive car they possibly can to show-off, I don't know about you but just thinking about it why would someone want to waiste millions of dollars to build some sort of a production line, just to go bankrupt as bugatti did, because all the rich people want the most expensive car in the world and not the fastest?
  4. Volkswagen owns Bugatti, and VW is far from bankrupt, I have no idea about the designers, and I have no idea where the hell you got the idea that is almost killed 4 test drivers, because thats completely ridiculous.
  5. Since I have already answered you're above questions in the topic "Forgotton?" You can look in that thread divinierage. I am not going to type all that again here so that you can read the first sentence and then make a half ass response as you love to do.
  6. no i dont!!!! faster than what!
  7. 12 years and still kill most modern cars. Hooray!
  8. that´s the point!
  9. I think It's funny that the entire world hasn;t paid more attention to this car when it's so good. I hope people pay more attention to it in the future.

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