13.6 thats a lie

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  1. 5088 lbs cant be 3088 lbs maybe

    5088 lbs cant be 3088 lbs maybe
  2. Hill climb photo

    Like the topic says here's the photo...<!-- Signature -->
  3. knox mountain hill climb

    I was up at this yesterday, and they had one all decked out in red, with a huge rear wing on it... it was REALLY pretty. It had an oldsmobile V8 in it, and it was the fastest there. jeez, did it go<!-- Signature -->
  4. my friends '74...

    super nice gt with just enough kick to impression your back into the seating...whoooooopppppppyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!nice orange color...and crisp shfting make his car ma fav-or-aight.
  5. Re: my friends '74...

    yeah mgb gts are cool cars but they are always going to be slow cars unless you go with v8 power. I have a mgb gt and i am keeping the 1.8l and i was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to get the most power? I am raising compretion ratio to 9.5 to 1 and am putting a rally cam in it, thanx for the help.
  6. Re: my friends '74...

    Go for an x-flow cylinderhead. you can bore out the engine up to 2100 cc. Put spacs or koni's dampers under it. eagle (stainless) big bore exhaust. and maybe 2 triple-weber-carbs.

    Or get a manual (from haynes) and choose between seven stages of improvement.

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  7. Re: my friends '74...

    I saw a racing version of it, all decked out in blue, with fancy wheel rims and other such... it had an oldsmobile engine in it. fastest freakin car I've ever seen...<!-- Signature -->
  8. more photo's
  9. better photos (of a chrome bumper)

    Here are some better pictures of the car.
  10. Best of the sixties...

    ...and a classic of the seventies!

    Please tell me of a better 1966 car at an affordable price. Does anthing have a more perfect balance between handling and speed?

    Rhetorical question - Of course it's the best!
  11. Re: Best of the sixties...

    friend of mine has an MG B V8
    does any1 have any info, specs about this car?
  12. Re: Best of the sixties...

    I own one of these beauties, only in red and with more horsepower.
  13. Re: Best of the sixties...

    I am currently restoring an MGB GT V8 in my garage. It is one of the most beautiful British machines that I have ever seen. I can't wait until it is done so that I can drive it!
  14. more photo's
  15. Hill climb photo

    Like the topic says here's the photo...<!-- Signature -->
  16. better photos (of a chrome bumper)

    Here are some better pictures of the car.
  17. Beats a VW golf GTI

    I prove that every day when the roads get curvy. Beats the crap out of this wannebe sportscar in handling. Well the golf has a much better accelaration but you only need to pull up once in a mgbgt then keep the pedal to the medal.
  18. An mgbgt does 0-60 in under 10. (well mine does anyway)
  19. Re: Hill climb photo

    where's the pic? and I may know what you're talking about. is it red? is it called "Outlaw"? is it the V8 version? then I've seen it in real life, actually racing. it's at the Knox Mountain Hill climb, Kelowna, BC canada. It's the greatest looking car you ever did see...
  20. Re: 13.6 thats a lie

    under ten? So it is a V8 but not the original 1800.
    In fact 13.6sec is quite realistic. I did not time my car, but it should just outaccelerate an 1600 VW Golf I if you drove very hard. I did this many times against my friends cars around 1980 with an engine in excellent original condition (no Webers no electronic ignition, original cubature). It could do 6200 rpm at 4th gear which means it reached exactly the advertised top speed of 170 km/h (Kilometers per hour) , roughly 106 mph.
  21. Re: Beats a VW golf GTI

    You must me a very good driver and the GTI driver must have been a very lousy one. Usually a GTI is much faster. A standard B is only little faster than a much lighter 75HP Golf I. Handling of a B is ok on good roads, if it goes bumpy the car looses contact to the ground. Drifting with a B is lot of fun (especially on snow, which I enjoyed very much) but it is never as fast as going through with a modern suspension. Even a 1970ies Golf I's suspension was superior to MBG's 1940/50ies style suspension. Sorry, but 1000s of engineers were working for decades on car suspensions. Why should the car industry spend their wages if it did not bring any improvements?

  22. Re: Beats a VW golf GTI

    Wise spoken. though i dont approve at some points. bumpy roads are indeed a problem in a b. But it has a good turning circle. 2,2 round of the steering wheel from lock to lock.

    They both got there good points but i think the b will be somewhat faster on a track.

  23. Re: 13.6 thats a lie

    13.6 is about right for the rubber bumper model. The crome bumper/HC model should pull a little under ten. If you want one buy the creome bumper with the HC engine. Its much faster than a later rubber bumper. The ones with a the catylitic converter on the manifold only have about 65 bhp too.
  24. Re: 13.6 thats a lie

    I reckon you have a V8. That should easily do 0-60 in 9.5 sec. I like the first series, with the chrome bumpers. This rubber ones are a bit ugly.

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