13 HP!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1936 Hotchkiss 686' started by maclaren4life, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. now that sucks!!
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    i dont care....13 hp, my lawn mower has more, but i just gotta have this! hahahha YES!
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    i think it looks like a toyota pod concept... but has the hp of my remote controlled car... and i think mine can actually go something like 55mph... not bad for a two foot high peice of plastic and a bit of metal... i can barely fit in this pod thing... looks kinda like a spaceship<!-- Signature -->
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    How does this go 52 mph, only going down a huge hill<!-- Signature -->
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    When this car is a supercar what is then a TRABANT with 26hp and 110km/h???????
    A supercar!!
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    all i have to say is lol!
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    lol, this is #$%#ing funny. In Gran Turismo 2 the Diahatsu midget has like 25 horsepower. lol. When you start the race it takes like 10 seconds to move cuz revving takes so long. hehe. I think top speed is 75, all souped up. I spun out with it once too hahaha.
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    lol i love that car i put gold rims on it and everything, also try the fiat, not sure what its called, it is like 30 horse starting out you can get it up to 170 some i think. lol and you can get racing mods for it.
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    yur remote control car wouldnt have any more than 3 horsepower,if it had 13 hp, it would have insane power to weight ratio and flip like the merc clk gtr in that lm race everytime u tapped the throttle
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    I could get so many chicks with this car.
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    Trabant is a megacar
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    The old Benz cars from 1896 would kill this thing, and they were just 4 wheels a tinny engine, a steering wheel and a chair strapped on to the body. And any lawnmower could beat it. I got a 20HP 7 speed manual, shift-on-the-go mower that would beat this Steve Earkle car.
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    the best car ever. definitely better than the lambo murcielago and all the other cars ever made for going fast!!!!
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    This car would smoke any european supercar. C'mon people...52 mph. You can't beat that!!!!
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    lol it's funny

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