1. i dont know about you guys but i'm tired of these ricer toyoyta and other imports with there fart pipes that they think sound good and by the way
    ford sucks
    Gm Rule<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: ??

    I'm tired of people dissing ford, like you saying ford sucks! I like ford, chevy, dodge, so keep the "this company sucks" for the imports.
  3. diss

    well i diss ford every ford i had has been a piece of crap.... imports suck...but i will admit they are fast but they sound like my hoover...f-ck that shit ...you wont a car that sounds like it has more than 30hp.... gm mopar any amercian have that sound...the best is the muscle cars cant f-ck with that sound eather<!-- Signature -->

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