14 and 16 years old...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Umm, mad weird.

    Anyway, I never took health, which is a required class in school in either 9th or 10th grade, like most niggas do. So now im stuck in a healthclass, with a buncha freshman.

    So they other day this girl walks in, and im like HOLY SHIT. FUcking amazing looking, and a sick ass and titties. When she walked in I thought she was like a student teacher, or atleast a senior come in to talk to the teacher, but apparently she was a freshman... uhoh.

    anyway, she sits down infront of me, and we kinda get to talking, and i think shes way into me, and shes come on in certain ways, and she expressed the idea of going out.

    but shes #$%#ing 14, i mean its not illegal or anything, and its 2 years. but it seems so odd. the thing is youd never think shes 14, way mature, both mentally and physically and just damn...

    i feel like a pedo, even though im just 2 years older. and shes turning 15 aswell soon.

    exer/blog thread.
  2. exer/sexher
  3. id feel soooooooooooo guilty.

    edit: though id be down for a blow blow
  4. That's really not even kind of a big deal. Understood?
  5. UGH, obviously #$%# her.

  6. Give me a S
  7. Go about as far as you're comfortable with, and then go four times farther.
  8. You're ridiculous
  9. Theres nothing wrong with 14 - 16 right? Pretty normall here.
  10. Just hit it for Christ's sake.
  11. What was that equation that was around before, youre age divided by two plus sometihng or other?
  12. age/2 + 7

    but you're fine in this case
  13. Put your #$%#ing calculator away and get your dick in that broad. NOW
  14. give me a T
  15. 15, haha.
  16. If she's mature mentally she wouldn't even lay her eyes on you, boy.
  17. Thank you man thank you !
  18. you're underage, she's underage....i don't see any problems.
  19. Goddamnit, shut the #$%# up.
  20. how many more pieces of the puzzle until Pinhead returns and claims Corks whole?
  21. Dude, hook up with her and PTPIHBAU.
  22. 2 years? it's not like they can arrast you or anything if you just sex her up HARD.
  23. While you're doing her, please don't create a thread what position you should do, or what your next move should be, or what pose girls like the most, or what aftershave we recommend you to wear, or what shoes are popular right now, or how much tipmoney she deserves, or anything, PLEASE
  24. Don't be an exer wait to sex her!

    No really, unless you're some creepy guy like Mechnical Arts its all good man

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