14 inches of snow and ice be damned!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by yh125d, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. I'm goin outside! In the n00d!
  2. I'll stay inside and drink my Kilkenny.
  3. where do you live??? My jeep is begging for this!
  4. I want to has snow.

    Snow, I wants to has it.

    I have a monopoly on my hood for driveway snow removal, daddy needs some tax free currency!
  5. im in NE oklahoma. Freak storm Thursday and Friday of about 3 inches of freezing rain, then another 10-12 inches of snow.
  6. Is the Nebraska Vs. Oklahoma game in OK? That'd be awesome to watch them play in.
  7. Post n00dz?
  8. says the 16% gay-man
  9. Baby, each % is supersized.
  10. He just feels left out.
  11. Its in Kansas City. I think they got a little bit of snow, But not near as much as we did.
  12. Bike somewhere.
  13. We got 16" over Thursday night, in Columbia Missouri. My f-150 has pretty good ground clearance and the frame is dragging through it.
  14. why dont you take out your 442?
  15. I think my back tires would make it about 2 inches into the snow.
  16. Amateur. I remove snow in a two county area.

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