1400 miles in 22 hours!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. I was at work(Enterprise) on thursday morning and they asked if I'd like to drive to Stamford Connecticut with another employee to pick up a car. I decided to go since I'd basically be getting equivalent to a weeks worth of work for a day and a half of work. The entire trip was about 32 hours, but we got a hotel to stay at for the night in Stamford, so we drove for like 20-22 hours total. We had a few unplanned detours, but other than that, the trip went smoothly, and we made it back friday night. I've never been so tired in all my life!
  2. i went from portland to prince rupert BC in less than 30 hours, after getting stopped by the retarded canadian customs (they were getting ready to strike so they were all #%!@y, so they took it out on me) that took about three ours, so it was like 27 hours to get about 1100 miles... not too bad...
  3. "We had a few unplanned detours"

    Whore houses?
  4. That's one hell of a drive. The longest I've ever driven without stopping was a trip from Montreal to Trois Rivieres to Toronto, 11 hours and 820 kilometers.
  5. I went from Detroit all the way south to Tampa, FL. However, I had to stop in Atlanta. I'd say it's a good 20 hours in each way.

    Speaking of which, I am going to be making that same trip on the 26th of this month.
  6. Boorrringg ride. Well, from 3R to Montreal. Thought Montreal-Toronto was 5h.
  7. vancouver to winnipeg under 38
  8. I drove to the Eastern Townships of Quebec once. It took like, 11 hours, or something. So boring.
  9. the 20 is deadly boring.

    but the 40 is more sinuous-like.
  10. what car did you drive there?
  11. Just taking wrong turns and such. We got lost a few times in the NY/New Jersey area.
  12. I was in a GMC Envoy
  13. Hmmm, my record is Oslo - Rome in 20 hours thats 1620kms.

    This dude I know claims to have drove Oslo - Malaga in 22hours (3780km) which I find hard to belive since it means he had to have an avereg speed of 170km/h
  14. My dad just drove from Victoria B.C. to Sacramento in roughly 16 (14 minus the 2 hour ferry ride) hours. From 6 A.M. to roughly 12 A.M. in a friggin 02 full sized Dodge Ram Wagon. Must have been such a #%!@!
  15. Calgary-Fort Nelson.
    Vancouver-Toronto in 3 days (I wasn't driving for that one).
  16. The longest I've driven is 1 and 1/2 hours, Then again, I live in an island 111x39.5 miles.
  17. not bad, my trip for Bronx, New York, to St. Augustine Florida was approx 1000 miles, and i did it in about 14 hours. Left 11AM and got there at 1am
  18. Vancouver to Winnipeg should take > 30 hours.
  19. Let's see, I drove from Flint, MI to Coloraod Springs, CO in ...... okay, We left at 6am and got in at 1am the next morning. That's some sort of miles in 19 hours.
  20. 1323 miles in 19 hours.

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