1400hp Koenigsegg One:1

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ANP, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Koenigsegg doesn't look nearly as good as the P1 either
  2. Easy. Just lift a couple of nuclear reactors and steam turbines out of a sub.
  3. Its a shame. I used to be the hugest proponent of Koenigseggs, but the fans have made me hate it. You have destroyed something I used to love. #$%# you and have a nice day.
  4. I still like the CC8/Sethera Falcon, it is a nice looking car.
  5. Raging Balls is just another MOMO Shifter/Propheticus/Fudas

  6. i'd lol if he was wheelman all this time.
  7. I'd have to drive to where he lives and hit him for all of us.
  8. Change "fans" to "that one retard". One dipshit ruined the car for all of us.
  9. This is the best Koenigsegg of all time.
  11. I love that. Looks so NFS:II 90's era. I can already hear the funky nnn tss nnn tss soundtrack. Also looks R-390ish, which is a cool thing.
  12. That thing is awesome! Ah.. the days I still liked Koenigsegg..

    I've been gone from this forum for so long I had forgotten about Raging balls, or what ever he was called. Where is he now?

    Although, it seems that there are new boys in town..
  13. Unfortunately, he's still here.
  14. one of my all time favorites, but the Agera range is by far the best.
  15. Well, I guess some people just don't grow out of fanboyism.
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    Off the line race is out.

  18. It's funny how much Raging Balls despises drag racing and American hot rods, yet he loves to watch, post, and brag about those straight line drag racing videos. I mean he post those drag racing videos in every single Koenigsegg thread. A genuine loser with no life and zero self esteem.
  19. you're correct, I don't care for drag racing, but I still love seeing the Agera toy with a car that prides itself on straight line performance.
  20. What does the Agera pride itself on?
  21. its lack of any pedigree whatsoever.

    even Pagani has managed to make more than 1 car.
  22. I'd say being the overall best when it comes to performance.
  23. Bring us the lap times to prove it.
  24. For lagging behind every other well known sportscar maker when it comes to building a world-class "hypercar".

    Name one other current production "hypercar" that is has been the same car for more than 10 years and is based on a 20-year old design.
  25. Can you show me where it is the best?

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