1400hp Koenigsegg One:1

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  1. well....the main thing is Pagani didn't just jump the shark and called the Zonda a Huayra. Like....can we remember for a second that the AGERA is a different "model"? That's some lame shit right there.

    I dunno. I just keep thinking of Horaccio Pagani as some...skilled artisan, working his craft, serenaded by violins. CvK is like...John Lingenfelter wiping Umami Burger all over his acid wash trance jeans.

    It's not my fault! It's the perception I have.

    I would think the One:1 was cooler if my hat was on backwards and I threw up the shocker in photos.

    Also, that dude behind the Isdera Commendatore, that must be some other passionate shed builder.
  2. giggleations
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    "We knew that Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren were presenting their new hypercars this year so we felt it was time to respond. But when we got to see their contributions we noticed that we might have been a bit too ambitious with the One:1" Christian von Koenigsegg

    Such a bold and brilliant statement by CvK.

    Sneak preview at Geneva.

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    If this thing sets a better lap time around the ring than the P1, I'll buy you a beer.
  5. The One:1 would do that rather effortlessly, it won't even be a challenge.
  6. Yea just waiting for those lap times man.
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    holy shit. I've never seen the head of a car company fumble around so badly when trying to describe the "new" features of a super car.

    this 8min interview should have been like, 3 mins long.

    absolutely zero numbers, just tedious descriptions of various things he thought were better. great, new wheels. so "probably slower" than CCXR but "not by much".

    If this isn't a car collection trophy, I don't know what is. a stuffed Black Rhino only costs 300k.
  8. legit question, new best P:W of any truly "complete" car?
  9. What makes it more "complete" than ariel atom 500? Caparo T1? The latter has a p:w of 1223 hp/ton
  10. It's lighter that way
  11. The one car doesn't have panels and the other doesn't have a roof even if it could work as a road car despite legally being registered as one.

    Complete is a car that can go anywhere legally, isn't exposed to the elements, has at least one form of climate control, an interior that makes an effort to hide its seams (i don't think the f40 would qualify, but i don't think it was ever really intended to be clever blend of road car and race car), can maintain acceptable heat levels idling in traffic, can be held on an incline by its clutch, can go up and down a steep driveway without scraping..

    Just basic basic stuff, really. Nothing that makes it a perfect road car, just things that make it a useful one if all you wanted to use it for was to go from one place to another irrespective of milage, insurance, or maintenance.

    Edit: and you have to be able to see out of it in all four directions.
  12. honestly most people here stopped caring about power to weight a while ago. it's not a very useful stat anyway
  13. Yeah. The hp wars were so 2008.........

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    J. Hennessey decided to post a comment on EVO's video of the One:1, and its pretty damn hilarious.

    "Agera R requires a bit over 17 sec. to hit 200 mph. One:1 wants to hit 248 mph in around 20 sec. How much additional power and or weight reduction does it take to go from 200 to 248 mph in 3 seconds? Sorry but the numbers do not add up"

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    JH is a bit of a dummy. no one bothered to tell him the car isn't JUST going faster from 200-248.
  16. All this hate is inadvertedly because of RBalls, really. Yah their philosophy is different than Pagani, Ferrari and co. but so what. This thing is as bespoke as they come. The 911 has been doing this for how many years? We're all just waiting on something different from them, but this doesnt hurt their image. One:1 is awesome, I dont think Ksegg has the know how to put down that kind of power on the track with the efficiency of say a GTR, P1 etc. I do hope they get there because the car deserves it, and so do the ppl who make this car.

    No one will touch Pagani for a long time, because when you're buying these type of cars numbers stop mattering really, youre buying into a vision, feelings, pass10nz etc.
  17. Honestly a Huyara or Cinque is the modern day equivalent of a 250GTO, money not withstanding I'd get any of those before any of the other big marques.
  18. Putting down the power isn't going to be a problem for the One:1 if its going to be doing 0-400km/h in around 20 sec. The performance numbers of Ksegg's, especially the One:1, is a huge reason why I love these cars and not much else.
  19. Why don't we ever see independently tested numbers for Eggs?
  20. Because testing equipment can't keep up with this beast of a machine so no figures can be released
  21. thats like going up to the guy in the mickey mouse costume and asking him to talk. if CVK tested these thing, game over. mystique gone.
  23. Drive debuts Inside Koenigsegg 2, focusing on the One:1.

    Just an untouchable piece of machinery.

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