$15,000 maximum to buy a car.

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  1. I have come into some money and am looking to buy a car for an absolute maximum of 15 grand. I am looking for something that is both enjoyable and reliable enough to use as my new daily driver. As far as lower end sports cars go, what would be the best thing I can get for the money? I have seen plenty of 2003 to 2005 350Z in the price range, and a handful of S2000s. I would love an E46 M3 but they are bit more expensive out here. What would really be my best option?
  2. well what do you want from a car?
  3. Used Miata.
  4. Something that gets decent milage and is reliable, but still fun to drive. It is going to be my daily driver. I am open to just about anything as long as it is newer than a 2002, with a few exceptions.
  5. for ~$14k over here you'd get an '02 Honda S2000, '05 Z4, '08 Civic Type R, '06 Boxster... stuff like that amongst the hatchbacks and saloons.

    no idea whether any of those sorts of things are available where you are at the same price point, but it's a good amount of money to be looking at used cars. so much choice.
  6. Leaning towards a 2005 350Z. My question is how is the automatic on these? I was recently injured and driving a manual is out of the question.
  7. The automatic is just that, automatic, takes a lot of fun out of it. They're not bad, as far as reliability goes.

    Watch out for oil burning/consumption on those. Looking at 03-06 Zs, I'd go for an 04. 03 had rear suspension/tire wear problems, and 05-06 had oil consumption issues. 07-08 were the best 2 years as far as 350 goes, the upgraded the VQ35HR is much smoother, has more power spread through out the RPM band, and is faster than 03-06.
  8. Used mini cooper s

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  9. mazda cx7 or toyota sienna
    right scraps

    because you are married
  10. I ended up getting a 2010 Ford Fusion. It really is a great car. Jumped in and drove 180+ miles dowm to San Diego. The MPG is great and it is fun to drive. They wanted $16500 for it, got it for $14300 out the door.
  11. well, a Ford Fusion certainly isn't a Ferrari Mondial

    why even ASK us?
  12. I don't know really, I was debating the whole want versus need thing and was hoping that what I wanted was could facilitate my needs. However I got to thinking and with my unit going to that wonderful country called Afghanistan again later this year, I ultimately decided that this would be more practical, and while I am gone or on the event my ass comes home in a box I would like to leave my loved ones something useful. Besides, the random trolling is always funny.
  13. bugatti veyron
  14. was gonna say G35

  15. Just get something reliable, don't listen to these boy racers.
  16. He got a Ford Fusion. Pay attention.
  17. 5 old miatas
  18. Sounds like you need a Humvee and maybe the Scavenger Perk and the fast reload.
  19. haha come in to some money and 15k

    need a super pimp reliable daily driver .....

  20. Seriously, why don't you stop being a poor and drive your parent's Bentley?
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  22. Good luck over there mate. I was there in 2008.

    As far as the car is concerned I'd buy a TVR but you can't have that in your country so I'd buy a Westfield or a Morgan.
  23. yeah, sensible choices...

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