16/4 =?

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  1. does this mean 16 valve 4 turbos
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    No, it's the new way of stating the times 0-60 and 1/4
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    it means 16 cylender, 4 turbo, 4 valve per cylender, and 4wd. wow eh?
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    Murtaza and ilovevipers are Idiots!!!!!!!!!
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    all wrong, sorry

    it means 16 cylinders in 4 rows....yes it has 4 turbos, 4v per cylinder and 4wd, but thats not part of the name

    the Chiron concept car was called 18/3, because it had 18 cylinders in 3 rows
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    W16 means 16 pistons in a line of 4
    8 on one v 8 on the other


    i dont have a favorite car cuz i liek alot of em
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    The guy up there was right: 16 cyl. 4 turbo. I heard it from my uncle who works for the aerodynamics department of Bugatti SPA. Cool, huh?
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    4wd? where u hear that?
    ya 16 cylinders
    quad (4) turbos
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    Yup. its a W so 4 rows with 4 cylinders in each.
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    Woops, my mistake. how could there be a 18/4 then. the second number is the number of valves per cylinder.
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    that doesn't make sense. if that was so, how would it be able to do 0-60 in 16 seconds, yet do the quarter mile in 4 seconds???

    no, it's cylinders and turbos.
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    yeah, it's all wheel drive. there is a difference.
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    OK. Lets get this straight. 4 does not stand for 4 Turbos. It stands for 4 Valves. And you guys who say that it must stand for 4 turbos you are wrong. Take the old 16/4 for example: It had 16 cylinders with 4 valves, but not 4 turbos, yet they still called it the 16/4. Hmmmmmm. Obviously it cant stand for 4 turbos if it doesnt have any. The same rule goes for the new ones. I hope i have enlightened your day. Goodbye.
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    yet more wrongness, its 4 rows of cylinders

    there is no such thing as an 18/4

    who the hell cares how many valves per cylinder it has anyway, 95% of european cars have 4v per c, its nothing to be proud of
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    No You Foolish Fool!
    There is such thing as an 18/4 it is here on this very site!
    It is seventy two valve 18 cylinder! And 18X4=72!!!! 4 stands for 4 valves! Hence proving the rightness of my previous post!
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    supraman, its strange, i have a picture of the "18/4" in a magazine and its got 18/3 on the license plate

    there was an 18/3 chiron, an identically engined 18/3 veyron, then the 16/4 veyron thats coming out soon

    the confusion deepens
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    I present to you the 18/4 veyron.
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    yup, but then u wonder what the 3 stood for in 18/3 chiron
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    Hmm. That most probably would have standed for 3 rows but then why would they call the engine a W18?
    With the 18/4 the 18 cant be in four rows because 4 cant divide evenly into 18. Thats why i think it stands for number of valves per cylinder, and not turbos either. That really does confuse me! Yet they still call it A W18.Hmmmmmmm.
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    The second numer in the new veyron series, including the chiron, makes the most sence to me.
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    the W18 is 3 rows of 6 \|/
    the W16 is 4 rows of 4 \\//

    there is no similarity whatsoever between the 16 and the 18, they are different from the ground up, whereas the W16 shares much with the Phaeton W12 and Passat W8 as it is a modular engine

    as i said earlier it seems odd to use valves per cylinder, because 4v per c is nothing to be proud of, agree?
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    The W-16 isn't quite modular. The major angle between cylinder banks is 90 degrees whereas on the W-12 and W-8 the major angle is 72 degrees. The principal is the same though.
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    I happen to agree with ch1c4n3 but i still wouldn't understand 18/3 although nobody ever said the rows had to be even did they? And for all you who thinks its turbos.. this is the first Veyron or Chiron to have turbos in it so obviously it doesn't stand for that or this would be the first time the name had the second number in it.. the others would just be 16 or 18. And on the 4wd note.. NOBODY cares if its 4wd or not b/c the only time you'll get to go that fast is on the autobahn (spelling?) where it is completely straight. So why would they include that bit of info in the name?
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    Im cofused an im outta here for good.
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    Is the Chiron turbocharged at all, by any chance?

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