16/4 =?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by ilovevipers, Aug 20, 2002.

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    nope its NA
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    ok we all knwo that the 16 stands for V16 nut I have a question....
    I know I sure as hell don't care I just love the #$%#ing car
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    V16? U fool its W16! We are just trying to find out what 4 means and if you dont like it the dont post here! BTW that CRX aint cool!
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    haha, CRX's are so bootleg!
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    The 16/4 has FOUR VALVES PER CYLINDER, the 18/3 has THREE VALVES PER CYLINDER and the 18/4 has FOUR VALVES PER CYLINDER. See a pettern here?
    It's right it's nothing to be proud of, but it says something about the engine. How would otherwise explain the 18/4? I'm 100% they use the same name standard for all of them...
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    W18 had 4v per cylinder, not 3
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    There were 2 w18s. One had three valves/cylinder and the other had 4 valves/cylinder.
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    Can't you even see the cars on this very site? There is one 18/3 and one 18/4.
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    there is only one W18, it appeared in the EB118, the EB218, the 18/3 Chiron and the "18/4" veyron, it has 4v per cylinder
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    Lies! All lies!
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    its true
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    yes, what i said is true.
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    does anybody actually rate topics?
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    Mainly just in the main forums like Misc and Jap and American and so on forums.
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    oh shit, no wonder
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    i'm hungry
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    please dont whore.
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    there's 18/4 Veyron, 16/4 Veyron, 18/3 Chiron
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    What's wrong with that CRX,I like it,and those Diablo style doors are awesome on it.How much would a conversation like that be(on any car) I wonder?
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    I personaly wanna smack you for that remark.I like CRXs.Espacialy ones with lambo style doors.
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    I didnt say anything was wrong with them, just that they werent cool.
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    Ok so lemme rephrase that then,why aren't they(CRX)cool?
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    CRX's are ok. (despite the small capacity)
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    CRXs are good for drag racing believe it or not,they are a little over 2000lbs and have alot of tuning potential.Throw an integra GSR motor in that thing,turbo charge it along with other things like intake exhuast,pistons,headers etc.. and you got yourself one fast little car.

    Ofcourse it's NOT a Supercar and we shouldn't be discussing it on here but someone said(they weren't cool)and I had to say that they are.

    hin,hint it was 'Supraman',lol.
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    i totally agree with u mate. They don't suck, yet they aren't anywhere good enough to be called supercars.

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